happy monday [ i & i ]

& aint that the truth people.

spread joy.... remember names.

Don't you just love when someone calls you by your name? How about after you've just met them? How about after you've just met them and you don't even know their name?! Yep, that makes me all warm & fuzzy inside too. For years I have tried method after method for mastering this skill. Thanks to many failed attempts & my sorority recruitment days I have finally come up with a foolproof plan that works for me. Before I share it I would like to say- just because this is my method does not mean it will work for you. You must try out different techniques until you have an
moment when you discover how you are going to master the skill & spread some love, joy & magic through the art of name knowing.

Soooo.... all I simply do when I am first meeting someone is ask how they spell thier name, and sometimes provide two different spellings just to have the practice of saying their name a few times. For example:

new friend: "Hi, I'm Sarah!'
me: "Nice to meet you! Sarah with an 'h' or without?"


new friend: "My name is Chris"
me: "Ok! Chris with a 'ch' or just a 'c'?"

Since I am such a visual person this forces my brain to picture their name in my head. The only cautionary note to take is when you have really simple names (and trust me, I've done this a lot)...

new friend: "I'm Dave"
me: "Hi Dave... with a "ve" or... a... uh... just... a... 'v'?"

...like such as...

Now go rock the word.
fresh sheets and R&B beats,


  1. "like such as"...I totally laughed out loud cuz I know this reference. As always a great insert. :)

  2. I wish something like this would work for me - I can never remember people's names! It's so annoying to me!! I do love it when someone remembers my name - also, I love when someone interrupts me (not that) and then someone else says after that person, back to what you were saying, tell me more about it :)

  3. What a great technique. Works as an icebreaker to put one at ease for sure.

    Curious, what happens if you meet a "Chris" or a "Cris" who spells their name with a "K?" ;)

  4. Ahhh you're so funny! Love your idea about remembering names.. I'm pretty terrible at remembering names so I'm glad to hear that someone else is too! You're too cute!

  5. Love that tip for remembering names!

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