Day 7

Care to know if I would pose nude or what my thoughts are about teaching evolution in school? Or how about hearing my best interpretation of a cat purrrr? Then it's your lucky day:

Today we had our first rehearsal for the telecast & presentation show. It was fabulous and I'm so excited about this years 60th anniversary production (**chills**). Also super pumped about our musical performers (**wink**wink**). I hope (hope, hope, hope!) that you tune in to NBC on June 19th at 9pm EST to check it out.... be sure to look for "New Mex."

Perhaps one of the coolest & most unique events of my life took place today.... a hula hooping contest with Richard Simmons in the middle of the Miracle Mile Shops!! How cool is that? I knew Richard Simmons was great- but I never knew how great until I was face-to-face with him & lemme tell you he's friggin' great! I love.love.love him. Thanks to Vermont I have a fab video to show you my mad hooping skills. No, I did not win (surprised??). I was actually having so much fun that I didn't hear the directions that we were suppose transition to hooping from around our waists to around our arms and therefore I was disqualified. That's what you see at the end, I was mildly confused. Ummm but who cares, I got to hula hoop with Richard Simmons!! Not to many peeps get to say that. Ccccheck it out:

After all of that fab madness & hip thrusting we had a makeup tutorial party hosted by Rain Cosmetics. They showed us some great tips & I was able to convince one of the Miss Universe Org. photographers to let me put my skills to the test and put makeup on him. What a great sport. Oh, and we also got hooked up with a bag full of OPI products & Australian Gold products. Bliss, sheer bliss.


Well it's time for me to shower and tuck into bed, I've got quite an agenda for tomorrow. Thank you guys for the sweet notes and cards, it truly helps me smile from within. Please keep on with the votes, now more than ever, they have immensely. Tell your neighbor, your best friend Bo & your 2nd cousin 4 times removed from your aunt Birtha's side of the family.

bronzer, blush, & barbie lips,

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  1. Brittany, I think you are fantastic and I'm really enjoying watching your progress in the competition.

    Now, on evolution being taught in schools: I am from Australia, where there is stronger scientific support and religion is gradually losing ground. I have continued on to study biology at university. I don't mean for this to be an attack on America, but I find it completely outrageous that evolution is not widely accepted as fact in your country. After seeing your response to that question, which was quite reasonable, I was very curious about how other contestants would respond.

    It is very, very unfortunate that there is such an intense misunderstanding of the word 'theory' with regards to evolution. Yes, evolution is a 'theory', but in the scientific community it is understood as fact because of the array of solid, irrefutable evidence that exists to support it, not to mention a solid logical argument. Brittany, you seem to be more aware of what evolution really means and I think it would be really honourable of you to discuss it with your fellow contestants and influence them to be more receptive to it.

    Perhaps you can share this logical argument with those who care to discuss evolutionary 'theory':
    1. All species have great potential fertility - that is, an organism may produce hundreds or millions of gametes (egg, sperm)
    2. Despite (1), population sizes are relatively stable
    A. Inference: there is competition among individuals over the resources needed for life.
    3. There is variation among individuals of the same species
    B. Inference: (A) and (3) lead to non-random survival - natural selection of the fittest (note: 'fittest' means something different to what most people think... evolution has no goal or aim... it isn't trying to achieve anything. Fitness simply relates to the capacity to pass on ones genes by having the largest possible number of offspring.)
    4. Much of the variation is heritable (passed on by genes)
    C. Inference: natural selection leads to descent with modification (i.e. evolution).

    I understand the sensitivity of this issue regarding religion - I was brought up Jewish, and spent last year in one of the religeous capitals of the world - Israel, where I studied Torah (what Christians call the old testament I believe) which contains the story of genesis. I am well educated about the story of genesis.

    It is such a sensitive issue, because I know from personal experience how religion can be what hold a person together, especially if it is what they are brought up with as the foundation of their beliefs about the world and the nature of everything in it. I don't have an answer about how evolutionary knowledge and a literal interpretation of religeous scripture can co-exist, but many people decide that 'God' has his reasons for writing something that would later be disproved by science. Understanding and accepting evolution does not need to conflict with belief in God.

    Although, I will say that the more you learn of science, the more agnostic you become. For better or for worse.

  2. You are beautiful.
    You are amazing.
    You are my role model.
    You represent what this pageant system is all about!
    You forgot to tell us what Arizona did to you that involved a tomato. :)

  3. What lipstick are you wearing in these pics? I need it! :)

  4. I'm still dying to know what lipstick you are wearing in the picture of you putting it on...do tell! :)