Day 1

Aloha (my roommate is Miss Hawaii so I found this to be rather appropriate),

Wow. Wow. Wow.

What an incredible day. Registration and fittings and photos and sheer bliss for this little New Mexican girl.

After registration I proceeded to hair & make-up to get ready for my evening gown photo shoot. After getting all glammed up and slipping into my silver evening gown (for the pictures only) I was ready for my shoot! ...but who do you suppose would come up to me, touch my arm and say, "We have a problem..."? Miss Hawaii.... wanna know what that problem was? We had the same, exact, gown! Now, I don't think that happens too often in "pageants," but to be ROOMMATES and have it happen is quite rare. Since this was her only gown for the competition and I had my official gown for the preliminaries & the telecast as an additional gown, I decided to switch and take my picture in my official evening gown. It actually turned out to be a blessing 1.) my roommate can shine, every girl deserves a dress that is all her own and 2.) I really had wanted to wear my official gown for my pictures because I am MADLY in love with it. So I gladly slipped out of the silver dress and into my official gown, yes, the one my students choose the color of, and the one I almost didn't get to show up in (remember "a slight setback?"). You see nothing is an accident, it's simply fate. Everything happens for a reason.

Ooo la la.
Next up, swimsuit photos. Oooo la la the swimsuits for the pictures are fantastic. This one is my favorite picture. What I love most is that I aspired to have a body that represents a healthy woman & mostly, me. Miss USA does not just work out 4 hours a day, Miss USA embodies all women in this country. By doing such she strikes a balance with her career life and ambitions, personal life & goals, service endeavors and her health & fitness. Miss USA is not a body building competition, it's the ultimate job interview. Balance is critical. Can't wait to see these & I am so glad I have learned to love my body just the way it is. Although, I did learn today from one of the hairstylists who has styled Heidi Klum before that even HEIDI KLUM has insecurities. **phew**

Va-Va-Voom with Fadil
Vavavoooom! Last on my agenda for the evening after feasting on some yummy dinner- eagerly anticipated glam shot with world-renowned fashion photographer Fadil Berisha. I don't want to give away too many details (check back soon!!) but these photos are going to be incredible. The picture above is a little taste of how my hair & makeup were for the shoot. Stay tuned....

My roommate & I came back to our rooms with goodies loaded up on the bed. An entire bag of treats from Chi & Farouk, bags full of Rain cosmetics (check 'em out!), and goodies (including 6 pairs of slippers!!) from Chinese Laundry. C'est Magnifique!!

i'm sooo happy brittany
Well, it's officially 1am Vegas time, & my alarm is set for 5:30am Vegas time. That's all I can divulge tonight. Sorry for the lame pics, I'll snap some more tomorrow.... you simply MUST see the stuff & my roommate and I managed to stuff into our room.

Sweet dreams senoritas & senors,


  1. How exciting! You look beautiful, of course. Keep having fun & updating us when you can! :D

  2. Go head Miss New Mexico!!! You look great in your little cam shots!! I hope you are out there TURNING IT!!! Good luck!!

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  4. Ya'll know just how to put a big smile on this lil' New Mexican girls face, :)

  5. Kathryn TerrazasJune 6, 2011 at 2:26 AM

    You look stunning!!! Rock it girl endulge yourself in every moment!! Its life changing :)