Day __

I've become so superstitious lately that I refuse to label this post with the number that it should be.... you know, 9+4= __. Since being here I have found 4 lucky pennies, which I have next to my bed. Last night my chaperone found a penny at our door and picked it up and said "Girls, there's a penny out here..." and Hawaii said "Oh, Brittany loves those!" I asked which way was facing up and our chaperone said "tails." I told Hawaii to put it down & get it out of here (in a matter-of-fact tone). She dropped it on the floor of our doorway.... where it still remains as I continue to hop over it. I want nothing to do with that rotten penny. I've got all of my good luck charms right where I want 'em... a blue morpho butterfly sticker, a jade bracelet, my vision board, my "pink blankie" and a horseshoe that one of my friends made for me in high school. On top of that, my mom will be wearing the same dress that she has worn to every pageant I have won. Oh, and I know that you will have your fingers crossed right? It would be wise for you to cross 'em for me because the odds are most in our favor, at least with regards to the 9.803% chance that the next Miss USA will be named "Brittany" (5 other girls are named Brittany & spell it the exact same way).

Tonight we had the night off to spend with our families! It was superb. I got to see my mom & her best friend Terri and both of my incredible state directors. I can't wait until the rest of my incredible friends and family begin to arrive for the weekend. Vegas is about to get loud.

One last thing I have to say before I go to sleep.... the 2011 Miss USA contestants are phenomenal. I adore these girls, they are so incredibly kind and fun. Rehearsals are wonderful because I get to spend time getting to know them more & more and I am so honored to be up on that stage with those women. Oh, and I really think that none of them mess with me because they know I would expose them on "Happy Brittany" (juuust kidddding!!).

Wow. Yep, it's starting to hit me. I have just two more days here & then the big night.

sticky bras & sugar free energy drinks..... (aka my shopping list for my mommy today)


  1. Saw a commercial for Miss USA last night and I got so excited for you! haha!

  2. Dear Ms. Brittany - I stumbled across your blog on facebook today and I wanted to say congratulations on your journey. You were always such a sweetheart and a lovely lovely person to be around. You don't need luck because the Universe has your back <3 Sending lots of love and sparkles for your big day and all the adventures that are still to come.