Day 6

With the exception of breakfast, lunch, and a dress fitting, & a couple of night time events, we had most of the day off. What? Yea. Unreal.

I started my day off by sleeping in until 7:30am. I slipped into my gym clothes, brushed my teeth and headed out the door. That's right, it was a morning without the chaos of makeup, creams, hair tools and spray stuff. At breakfast I filled my belly with some coffee, Raisin Bran, and watermelon and I was one happy camper. Then I was off to the gym. It felt so good to run, I had been missing the endorphin rush. I do have an inflated ball in my room that I use to do 180 crunches daily, but the cardio & iPod combo was just what I needed.

At 12:15pm I was fitted for a cocktail dress that I get to keep, and of course it was designed by none other than the marvelous Sherri Hill. From there I went to lunch and enjoyed a quesadilla loaded with salsa and guac and cotton candy for dessert. The buffet at the Planet Hollywood really is legit. I never thought I would use "buffet" and "legit" in the same sentence. 

I then went back to my room (after stopping by the hospitality suite and collecting my stack of sweet letters and vase of flowers) and soaked in a long bath with Epsom salt. Following that I danced around my room in my robe tiding up and reorganizing. I'm kind of a freak about organization. As I did that I got to have a lovely conversation/pep talk with Miss New Mexico USA 2004, Jenna. She is always so motivational and reminded me of my purpose. Her perspective is so refreshing. It's comforting to know that other people out there "get it."I loooove her.

After that it was time to get ready for the evening festivities. I'm getting faster and faster at the whole hair and make-up thing (and better too wouldn't you say??). But of course when it came to my final 15 minutes before call time it was still a mad dash for Hawaii and me. I have accepted that that part is just inevitable. It's best to embrace the madness and commentate as it's happening by saying "I'ma hot mess! Ahhhh!!!"

It's funny walking down the streets of Las Vegas in our herd. If you have ever walked down Vegas not in a heard of beautiful women in sparkly sashes, I'm sure you already have a small inkling of what it must be like. We are surrounded by Miss Universe staff members and intense security and as Montana would put it "we are an attraction." No one can take a picture or get in our way, you will be physically removed from our path... pretty awesome!

Our first stop was Sugar Factory for dinner and shopping. We feasted on yummy food and then did some filming and photos with fondue (nom nom nom). Montana complimented me during this by saying "you always know how to make everything so funny!" Quite the honor, I must say.

So Vermont received a fabulous Sugar Factory "couture pop" and she gave it to me, how sweet is she? Oh.my.gosh, have you seen these? They are just.my.thing. I (of course) had to go into the Sugar Factory store and check them out for myself (me & sweets are BFFs for life). Oklahoma and I each picked one out and I chose one from the Britney Spears collection because it has a "B" that dangles at the bottom. You can refill the actual candy pop and keep the glittery stick. They also come in cases so you can tuck away your sweet treat even after you have licked it. This thing is amazing. People are brilliant.

Our next stop was Tao for some rummmmmba rummmba dancing. We had our own VIP section at the club, and I loved dancing without a care. I'm getting really good at this whole "be yourself" thing. I'm learning more & more about Brittany everyday, and even though not everyone here may appreciate my personality, at least I know that I do.

Rehearsals start tomorrow & you know what else is tomorrow?? The hula hoop contest with Richard Simmons!!!!! Oh my gosh I can't wait. I'm terrible at hula hooping, even my 4-year-old students can out hula hoop me, but I have no doubt that this event will be anything short of amazing.

Oh, and I'm sleeping in my eye makeup tonight, I'm testing out the action of rockin' day old eye make-up in an effort to sleep a lil' longer, I'll let ya know how that goes.

spray tans & red bull cans,

P.S.- New pics are up on FB, check 'em out poodles.


  1. Hi Brittany!

    I really enjoy reading your blogs.


  2. I reallyy enjoy waking up every morning and reading your blogs :) you are such an inspiration and I wish you the best of luck on your adventure!