Day 3

Oh hey you, reader of my dorky blog, I just love you..

I woke up at 6am with the biggest smile on my face. I think we're suppose to be tired or something, but I just can't imagine wasting my energy on being exhausted when I'm on the adventure of my life.
First thing today today we got to go to the Paris Hotel here in Las Vegas and we spent some time at the top of the "Eiffel Tower." It's just like the real one, or so I would imagine. I admit, I was a little nervous about the "height" factor, thankfully Miss Nevada was there to hold my hand and share the same fear.

top of the tower with my amazing supervisor

Ohmy.Ohmy. On our way back to the Planet Hollywood for lunch I found a lucky penny! But get this... it must have brought double the amount of luck because later on in the hotel I found another one in the elevator. I'm a bit of a superstitious freak. Both of them are nestled safe and sound next to my bed along with all of the beautiful cards I have received, and the stack of cards from my mom (one for ever day while I'm in Vegas).

I must admit, the buffet at PH is incredible, yet ultimately dangerous for a sweet addict such as myself.

yep, fairy floss (cotton candy)
 After that we had rehearsal for our big welcome event, and then shortly after that we were off on our way to our Miss USA 2011 welcome event. The welcome event was magnificent (I mean, were you expecting me to say something different?). Jeff Timmons (from 98 Degrees!) was the opening performer and then all of the girls got to introduce themselves in front of the press and audience outside of the Planet Hollywood. **superstar** We also got to see Rima, the current Miss USA, for the first time. The coolest/craziest thing was that Rima & I were nearly wearing the exact.same.dress. Even one of the Miss Universe Staff members paused, looked at me and then asked "are you wearing the same dress as Rima?" I like to call these things a "divine wink." So along with my two pennies I'm 0 for 3 today.

with the beautiful Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010
 After the Welcome Event we were off to Buca di Beppo for some delicious dinner and a 60th anniversary celebration for the Miss USA pageant. I know, it is pretty spectacular that I get to be a part of this grand milestone. Today I learned that the Miss USA pageant originated as a simple swimsuit contest and then evolved into what it is now. Wow. Oh, and of course there were party favors and plenty of dessert.... what kind of dessert you ask? Well, I had some yummy cake, a cupcake, and a SUPERSIZED brownie sundae that I shared with Vermont, Virginia and New York. Oh, and I also showed the girls the "best" way to eat a cupcake.

the best way to eat a cupcake
Overall this experience has already taught me so much, and it's only been 3 days. I continue to discover more about myself, my ability to form relationships, my ability to tackle challenges and my ability to do my make-up in 11.3 minutes flat. Errr, actually that last part isn't so true, but I did spend 20 minutes scrubbing my skin raw trying to rid my legs of the spray adhesive I used to keep my short dress from exposing my tush & giving TMZ a reason to "notice" lil ole New Mexico. That's certainly a new life skill, right?

One thing that continues to expand is my gratitude. The comments you all post on here, on my Twitter, on my Facebook and to my email or phone have truly enlightened me to the blessing of those who support me. Even those who don't know me have chosen to stand behind me. And those who do know me stand behind me no matter what, and love me best as Brittany Toll, aside from being Miss New Mexico USA. I also have the best non-pageant mom in the world... I love the excitement in her voice when I get to sneak in a phone call to her.

Today I had a blast. Today I grew one step closer to becoming the woman I am meant to be. Although I will never attain true perfection as I am committed to always striving to grow.

crowns & cupcakes,

Oooo, another random fact about me and my roommate Miss Hawaii... we both LOVE Hot Cheetos. Mmmhhmm. I have never met another female adult who is not from New Mexico who loves them as much as I do. Reason #361 why we make an excellent duo.

Oh, and PS- Thank you in advance for excusing my type-os and spelling errors. Long days, late nights.... mushy brain.


  1. hello brittany,
    i'm not really into pageants, but i love reading your blog... i think you have amazing confidence and attitude.
    best regards from portugal,

  2. Hi Brittani,you're really amazing! Thank you so much for telling us so much about this wonderful experience,thank you for being such a genuine and good girl you truly are :) And thank you for sharing all the funny pics and stories about this year's Miss USA. Have always fun,and whatever happens,Miss USA or not,semifinalist or not,you'll always be a great persone,i'm sure.
    Greetings from Italy,Santi :)

  3. Hi Brittany!

    I don't think we have met before, but I'm Samantha, Brooke and Breanne's high school friend from Roswell! I feel like I know you because they always talk so much about you...then one day Breanne shared your blog with me, and I absolutely love it! I actually read it every single morning with my cup of coffee now lol or I at least check to see if you have posted anything new :D But I just wanted to thank you for writing this blog. I am truly inspired every time I sit down to read it. I love your positive attitude, your excitement about life, and your ability to balance so many different things in your life. Reading your blog motivates me to try and be more productive with my days...which is a bit of a challenge for me at times lol Anyway I just wanted to let you know I am a huge Happy Brittany fan, and I wish you the best of luck at Miss USA! Brooke and I are planning on watching it together, and I made sure to set my Tivo to record it in advance lol! I will keep sending votes your way :D You are absolutely amazing, inspiring, and GORGEOUS! And lastly, you should know that you have made your fellow New Mexicans very proud!

    Much love,
    Sam :D

  4. Love following your journey! Wishing you lots of luck :)