Day 9

It seems as though every time I write I am so sleepy, and even at 9:20pm on a Sunday night I find myself in the same position. Thank you for excusing my poor grammar, spelling, type-os and lack of proper sentence structure. On top of this I think I'm getting sick. A lot of girls are sick so it would make sense. I definitely thought that I was immune to anything after being exposed to snot wiping & coughs right in may face as a teacher. No, seriously, I thought I was invincible ...turns out, I'm not that great. Right now I'm sippin' a tasty glass of Airborn with my eyelids half closed. Thank goodness I'm a little bit of a smarty pans for having prepared an emergency kit with literally every & anything I could possibly need. Brilliant & handy.

During rehearsals today we finalized the evening gown & swimsuit patterns. I am soooo excited, especially about the entertainment during the evening gown.... but my lips.are.sealed.Just know it's really really amazing and if you are one of the 78 magical gems coming to cheer for me then you are in for a major treat.

After rehearsals we had a fashion show at Fashion Show Mall followed by an autograph signing session. It was insanely amazing. Our entrance to the runway was on a platform that lifted from underground. Since the show was hosted by Rain Cosmetics (amazing stuff!) we all wore a turquoise Rain shirt and Chinese Laundry shoes.

As you can imagine it's very hard for "New Mexico" to stand out. In fact, I've learned that a handful of people aren't even sure about what or where New Mexico is. That's a problem to be solved another day (I hope my pre-kinders aren't like that when they grow up). So what's a girl to do when she is strutting a runway in the exact same outfit as every other state? Find a way to be a little bit different.... Yep. I was rocking a glam hippie headband. Sorry folks, Miss New Mexico USA is not a "pageant patty," I hope you can deal. I loved it & had so much fun.

....like such as....

Lately I have been answering lots of questions about my current living situation so I wanted to clarify, this is my home:

Yep, that's it. The 19th floor of the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The week before I needed to report to Vegas I moved everything out of my quaint little Gallup apartment after finishing my two-year-commitment with Teach For America. I'm ready to see where the wind takes me next, but as of yet this is my current residence. All of my belongings are stored happily in my parent's basement and I'll either fly to one of two places on June 20th- New York City as Miss USA (fingers crossed) or Philadelphia to work as a Corps Member Advisor for 6 weeks at Teach For America's summer institute. I really haven't invested much thought into my post Miss USA plan because that's not a place where I wanted my mind settling. I've got a short-term back up plan to buy time and that's comforting enough for me. There are so many avenues I want to take in my life & I'm confident what ever I end up doing next, Miss USA or not, will be the perfect opportunity for me. I wish I knew the best was to articulate my sheer & genuine excitement for life. All I know is that I am incredible blessed and eager for each day.

Before closing out I just wanted to share something uber cute & cool that I received in my Facebook inbox today:

"I teach pre- k near Washington DC. Watching the Miss USA pageant has been a lifetime joy of mine. It's one of my favorite memories that I shared with my grandmother. So every year I play a game with my class- I show them a picture of all of you and I tell them all a little something about each of you. Such as I show them the state that you are representing or the nice things you do for others.
Well after the votes were counted after the top ten....
You are the winner of our classroom- I think me telling them that you were a preschool teacher may have helped.
Good Luck!!!" 
Between these 4-year-olds and my former students who picked the fabulous color of my evening gown I would say that the world is going to be one heck of a place when these little gems grow up. Don't you agree??

...two of my former students during our last week of school solidifying my confidence in the future state of our world (the week that I skipped out on the NYC media tour for Miss USA).

chiffon & shimmer,


  1. You area AMAZING! And having lived in New Mexico for two years, I love your 'flair' to stand out on the runway! Classic! I love reading your blog....it makes me feel happy. And that's the point right?!?

  2. Philly is pretty dosh garn close to NYC!