Day 4.5 & 5

121 Facebook notifications later I finally get the chance to play Happy Brittany. I know I say this way too much but I just can't help it.... the support I have received thus far has just been incredible. New Mexico is such a "small" state but the kind words & genuine support you all have shown me makes me feel like I am on top of the world, and humbles me beyond words. I just can't even articulate how much my spirit lifts when you all do lil' things like post me a sweet note on my blog or comment on a Facebook. As a future norm, just know that as I write all of this I have a big smile on my face, this way I spare you the 12-year-old :)s all :) over :) the :) place. :) :)

Right now Miss Hawaii & I are sittin' in our bed munching down Hot Cheetos and she's massively impressed by my ability to eat so many without having to stop because of the overwhelming heat. She's so adorable. "They're not too hot for you yet??" She asked.

Ok so even with being a lame blogger last night I was still uber sleepy this morning. At 6am I "zombied" my way into the rest room and then you know what I did next? Crawled back into my bed and over slept for another 30 min. Then I had only 45 minutes to get ready. Eek. In a mad dash up till the last second I made it out the door. Oh but hang on, I'm getting ahead of my self.... lemme tell you about yesterday....

So first we got to go "shopping" at Crystals. I kinda like to call it "fake shopping" since it's mostly for filming purposes for the telecast, oh, am I allowed to say that? Well regardless it was still fun, and affordable (*wink*... get it?). Here is a snapshot of me and some lovely ladies "shopping" our hearts out...

Then it was off to Nikki Beach at the Tropicana. Oh my gosh that place is beautiful! We were filming some promo work for Australian Gold and I tried some of the products. I must share that I loved the instant bronzing continuous spray sunblock. I swear no one promised me a spot in the top 15 for saying that, it's totally authentic. Love love love. Ooo la la and guess who was picked to be the bottle holder for the shoot (ok, ok it was ME!) because, and I quote, "[I] looked like a girl who loves the sun." Am I that easy to read?? We spent about 4 hours filming, lounging, and soaking up the warm Vegas sun.

After that we went straight back to the hotel and had 45 minutes to get ready for dinner at Serendipity 3. My hair was rather "ew" from the delicious combo of sweat, sunblock and pool water. I feel like I'm on Project Runway with a limited amount of time to "make it work!" Oh, and about 30 minutes before we have to be ready we get the shoes that we have to wear with our outfits, I love it, it's seriously like Project Runway. Can this be a reality show sometime? I would totally watch it.... am I the only one? Probably. As a result of my limited time I had to just keep my "beach" waves. Then it was off to Serendipity 3...

Serendipity 3 was amazing (am I overusing that word??). We also did something super secret.... I'll tell ya'll one day. But throughout this "secret thing" I felt something gooey splatter against the back of my leg. I looked down and ...ew.... guts. Tomato guts. What the?? Two seconds later I identify the culprit, Miss Arizona. She had accidentally stepped on a baby tomato that was on the ground and it shot me right in the back of my leg in a perfect glob. After 3 servings of desert we all thought this was the most hilarious thing ever, and I bet you think it's lame huh? You just had to be there. See, this is where the reality show concept would come in real handy.

Now time for some Day 5 action, pool party at the Flamingo. Bettcha didn't know I could spin a basketball on my finger did you? I discovered today that I can also do it with beach balls. We spent a good chunk of the morning splashing around in the pool and filming for the telecast.

Can I let you in on a little secret? Almost every girl here is a little insecure about something... crazy right? I mean have you seen all of the girls, they are drop dead gorgeous! One thing this experience has taught me (among so many things) is that you gotta "werq" it. I learned that lesson very quickly, as I realized that being shy or insecure was a great way to waste an amazing opportunity & adventure and also not consistent with who I am at home or with the people that I know.

Next we had a great lunch at Margaritaville, and we all got fabulous t-shirts to sport around for our 1 hour there. It's great because since being here I haven't spent a single cent, but I have so many great treats to take home. Ah yes, this is the life.

Our next event/filming location of the day was at XS night club. We had some down time before the event to rest up and get ready. Miss Hawaii took a nap & I uploaded pictures to Facebook on my sllooooww internet (check out all of my pictures... see what I mean about th e girls being gorgeous?). Then around 5pm we started getting ready for our 6:15pm call time. Before we knew it, it was 6:01pm and we had only just finished doing our hair.... we instantly morphed into a pair of Tazmanian Devils in a mad rush around the compact hotel room to pull ourselves together. There were lids of lotions flying through the air, hairspray clouds accumulating, and jewelry disasters piling up. I don't know why I am explaining this as if it's the first time... this happens just about every day (twice a day). Anyhow, we successfully made it out the door, and we were off XS nightclub...

We danced soooooo much it was amazing. I am the worst dancer but like I said before, I sent all of my insecurities back to New Mexico & danced like there was no one watching, and err, like there were not 14 cameras in my face. Yep, it's safe to say I'm having the time of my life, and all I have to do is be myself. How easy is that?

So you would think that my feet must hurt pretty bad right now, huh? Well fortunately I did this (Ms. Toll is Tall) and my feet feel great, thanks to the intense training! But "hold the phone," 'cause things are about to get weird... my earlobes (yep, I said earlobes) are killing me. All the heavy earrings & switching and swapping are aggravating them beyond belief. Oh no, and it's not just me, all of the girls are in the same boat. Miss Nevada (love her!!) said her ears are on "strike" and Miss Montana (love her too!) has been sticking to small posts to spare herself the agony. Ah, the price of "beauty."

Do you believe that I'm having the time of my life?...

...Ooohhhh you betta believe it.

sequins & sashes,


  1. I definitely believe you are having the time of your life!! :)

    You look like you are having so much fun! I love your positive energy and I'm rooting for you!!

  2. April Cano-MedinaJune 9, 2011 at 11:01 AM

    I absolutely love your blogs! Thank you for taking the time to write them, daily.
    Hearing about the "pageant world" behind the scenes is literally like watching a reality show. I love it! And that is a great idea for a TV show!
    Soo funny you mentioned about your hair, too. I was going to ask you how many times a day you have to re-do your hair for events. I know in that LV heat, my hair would be completely flat by mid-day.
    Looks like you're having a blast. Can't wait for the 19th!!! :)

    Scorching heat and Caliche's Treats,
    April :)

  3. Fun pictures! Following Miss USA contestants would be a fabulous reality show :)

  4. Oh Brittany, You are such a fabulous blogger! Just thought I'd let you know! Thanks for sharing all your adventures and making all of us feel like we are experiencing them with you! Best of luck and countless blessings!