Day 11

Dear Diary....

First of all I have to say thank you guys so much for the amazing questions you all sent. They helped me so much & I loved how reflective they were. If you think of any more please send 'em my way.

Today: Interview (dun dun dun)...

I woke up with a bit of an ill stomach, thankfully after breakfast it got a little bit better (anxiety or buffet food.... who will ever know?). We first started our day with swimsuit & evening gown preview. For preview all you do is present yourself solo in front of the judges in your swimsuit & then your evening gown. All it is is an opportunity to break the ice and let the judges see you. 

My interview wasn't until 2pm so I was able to enjoy a relaxing morning lounging around in my bunny slippers and robe. I spoke on the phone to some former Miss New Mexico USAs and bounced some questions off of the most fabulous mock interview supporter. Finally it was time for me to head down for my interview.

It was amazing! Really, truly. I had the opportunity to share many of my stories along with my opinion on a few relevant issues. I spent 3 minutes with each of the two panels. The judges were magnificent and every girl testified that the judges made them feel good and interesting. The 3 minutes flew by and I was actually sad when it was all over.

P.S.- mom arrived today!

Directly following the interview we were taken to the OPI suite to get out nails painted in one of the new Miss Universe color collection colors. How freakin' sweet is that? My color was "It's My Year!" which is a beautiful gold and purple shimmer, kind of like the gems on the Miss Universe crown.

OPI is launching this new collection this summer and we were able to be a part of the launch. We even had a reveal party where we wore white gloves before revealing to the press the 4 new beautiful colors. Ooo la la....

 I love the names: "Swimsuit.... Nailed It!" "Crown Me Now" "It's My Year!" "Congeniality is My Middle Name"

Tomorrow is presentation show, I hope you can find an opportunity to tune into the live web-cast. It will be up on the Miss USA website at 7pm EST.

...yawn.... it's time for bed.

cards, candy & congeniality,


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog every day. You definitely changed my uneducated opinion on beauty pageants. Good luck to you, I really think you deserve to win Miss USA. XOXO


  3. You're inspiring! Rock it, smile, be you and soak in every single moment!! You are destined for great things.

  4. Good luck! You & your blog are very inspiring. Also, I want those bunny slippers- how cute:)