Day 10 (Eve of Interview)

Hello you fabulous gems.

Today was yet another magnificent day, but we did not have an evening event. Rather, we had the evening off. We spent our entire day rehearsing and then we had the night to do whatever we so chose. What was Miss New Mex up to? I fixed up my nails (you should have seen them after I wrecked them packing up my apartment two weeks ago), treated my feet to a pedicure (they earned it!), loaded up on current event magazines (hello world, it's been a while hasn't it?!), got "bronzed" & made a quick trip to CVS. Of all of the things I have done over the past week never have I felt more like a "beauty queen" then I did tonight. Ha ha.

Sorry to report on such a laaaaame day BUT, there is a purpose to this blog....

Tomorrow afternoon is my personality interview (OOoooo my favorite) & I just had a novel idea.... If you have time and a brilliant mind (which I am certain you all do otherwise you would not be here at happybrittany.com), how about sending me a few knock-out interview questions for me to ponder?? Glorious right? You can send me anything you think of, but current event or personal questions are most expected. Find me on Facebook and shoot me a message or email me at brittanytoll@live.com. Oh, and no sweat if you can't get to it tomorrow. Feel free to shoot me some practice Qs anytime this week because the top 5 (fingers crossed that's me!!) will be answering questions on stage while the world stops for 20 seconds to listen (woah). You know I would just love to hear your thoughts. Why not? Remember what I said.... "we are a team & you are my mates." I wouldn't have gotten this far alone and I certainly don't expect to excel alone either. I can't Wait to hear what ya'll come up with.

Soooo... Do you remember the students who I told you about last night? Well look at the adorable picture their teacher uploaded to Facebook for me. It made my day.

I have to wonder if any of those kids thought "Wow, when I grow up I want to be just like Miss New Mexico!" To me that's fame.... the magic that happens behind the cameras & curtains, 30 years later when someone still remembers the impact you had on their life, whether you know it or not. Love love love.

lash glue & butt glue,

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