Day 4

I'm seriously so sleepy right now that if I don't rest my head on my sweet lil' pillow my forehead will drop straight down and my "Day 4" blog entry will be more like this:

"frvygjuyrydf>>>?khvdfjkh  nviodrhcvniwruk;l/ds,...........m./l ,sdl.////////////      l;m dlkf"

...and that's no fun for anyone, including me. How hott would that look if I showed up to tomorrow's pool event with a bunch of squares imprinted into my face??

But guess what? We have the afternoon off tomorrow & I promise (promise, promise, promise) I will reveal all the fabulous details of my Day 4 along with my Day 5 (and believe me, today was AH-MAZING in so many ways). To keep you entertained until then stop by the Miss USA website to see my official photos! Gown! Swimsuit! Headshot! Ha ha, oh, and you'll FINALLY get to see the color of my gown, even though I think the anticipation was really more in my head than yours.

So, did you see my gown? I have mostly boys in both my am class and my pm class so wouldn't it make sense that they chose that color? Ha ha, I love it. Who would have thought 4-years-olds would know exactly what the PERFECT color for Ms. Toll was.

Ok superstars.... tomorrow afternoon it's on... pictures, gossip (like what Miss Arizona did to me involving a tomato... on accident of course!), and a whole lot of  who-knows-what.


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