Out of 33 students, 22 are boys. The Universe is trying to tell me something I think.

The funniest things were happening all day. I am still trying to figure out the little nose pickers, but oh do they crack me up and make me very happy.

In the morning class when we were playing “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?” we were passing around a VERY SMALL green beanbag, and one student picked Ethan to toss to. Well, it wasn’t really a toss, it was actually a chuck right to the head. I figured it couldn’t of hurt, but then he instantly smacked his hand to his forehead and put his head down and held his breath. He covered his eyes with his other hand. For two minutes I tried to make sure he was okay and comfort him and he wouldn’t drop his hands or say a word. I looked at my assistants and none of us knew what to do, all of the other students were just watching… then, he lifted his head and said “It hit my toy!” and he held up his miniature Iron Man figure that was in his hand at the time of the incident. My assistants and I instantly started laughing so hard (possibly the hardest I have ever laughed in front of my students), which created the rest of the class to laugh so hard too. We then moved forward with our game of “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?”…that had to be one of the funniest things I have seen in a while.

I think I should propose that a production crew make a reality tv show out of my classroom. It would be unlike any other reality show… Like Kate+8 but times 5, we could call it Ms.Toll+33? Stupid name, scratch that… I’ll keep thinking about that one.

Oh, and oh my gosh I totally forgot? You want to know a secret? My students are really flippin’ adorable and here I am on day two, sigh, already in love with every single one of them…. Even Cameron…. Who threw his backpack at me today and kicked Miss Mandi because he didn’t want to come to school. He was fine though after I taught him how to dunk his chicken nuggets into the gravy on his mashed potatoes.

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