happy happy joy joy

things that made me blissfully blissful today...
waking up extra early to make chocolate chip pancakes before work & enjoying them with Maile. puppysitting Lexi for my manager while she is away. my nails layered with As Good As Gold & G-listen To Your Heart nailpolish. listening to "here comes the sun" on my way to work with the sun shinning brightly through my sun-roof. bringing ants on a log to share with my coworkers during our Monday meeting. doodling skyscrapers. Maile sharing tortilla chips & strawberry yogurt as dip with me. having a Twitter conversation with a new friend.. & by new friend I mean Terrell Owens (#funny). being on day 3 of not washing my hair. the fabulous company of my coworkers. skipping to get where I'm going. peeling an orange all in one piece. meeting with school leadership & feeling inspired by new insights. pink blush. doing the february-photo-a-day-challenge on instagram. taking Lexi for walks. getting a parking spot on my street. listening to the Pandora Motown radio while I make dinner. morning star vegetarian corn dogs... if I hadn't seen the package I'd have thought someone was fooling me into eating meat... they're unreal. discovering that I have 3 bottles of mustard in my fridge & new-found fear of running out of mustard(!!!). eating chocolate chip pancakes & corn dogs with Maile for dinner & talking about how great it is being a "grown-up." group texting with my mom & little brother. the sound of ballet flats on the floor. enjoying a chai tea latte out of the new lovely starbucks cups. watching season 2 of "sex & the city" while I reply to emails and review teacher plans. this stuff (oh! baby!). washing my hair. the scent of MorocaanOil curl defining mousse. Thunder victory in overtime!!!.

the little things  always bring such joy my way.

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