the secret to hair full of secrets

The tool to creating uber happy curls may actually look more like a torture device, but I consider it a magic wand... Rsession Tools NaluWaver ...

It could easily be the best beauty investment I have ever made (yes, ever). The possibilities are endless. You can use it to make loose beach waves or very structured and crisp waves. You can make crazy big curls or crazy loose curls & so much more. The more I play with it the more I learn. I once even managed to create a vintage inspired finger wave. I can curl my hair with it in under 10 minutes ...even with my wonky sometimes straight/sometimes curly/mostly nappy hair. It's insanely efficient. It's also what I use to create my curly side bun (which takes a total of 7 minutes!).

The videos on the Rsession Tools website teach the basics to using it (which you have to watch or you'll end up with an uncomfortable burn!). It comes with a heat-protecting glove that you must wear. Trust me, I try to rival fate and sneak around having to use the glove and it always gets me!... plus it kind of makes you feel like MJ.

So, the secret to fetch curls that are full of secrets is not the secret ingredient in Toaster Strudel, it's the NaluWaver. You go Glen Coco!!!

...& none for Gretchen Wieners... bye!

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