sayonara sugar!

I'm about to do the unthinkable for Brittany.

I've been racking my brain for days now trying to decide what I will give up for Lent. I've been wanting to land on something that would help me gain mental, physical, and spiritual benefits from sacrifice.

What to gain?

  • New found strength in the face of a difficult challenge
  • A bolder approach to my health
  • Elimination of a toxin from my life 
  • A challenge I could become obsessed with
  • A victory in the face of an addiction
  • Benefits beyond 40 days
  • An opportunity to truly sacrifice & resist
  • Spiritual growth through all of the above gains
Thus I have decided to say farewell to my loyal friend sugar (& I'm not just talking about the sweet good stuff either!). I've always been quite intrigued by blogger Sarah Willson's testimonial of "quitting sugar" though never credited myself to be brave enough to eliminate one of my greatest addictions. After almost a year of deliberation I'm ready to take the plunge and focus on this challenge. I  downloaded Sarah's ebook and will be digging in tonight as I polish off a pizza and the rest of the king size Kit-Kat bar in my freezer. If you are any bit intrigued I suggest you check out Sarah's book, she raves about the benefits of eliminating sugar from her life and discloses how she made it work for her. 

If I know myself like I think I know myself I just might have the biggest sweet-tooth of any individual I have ever encountered (the evidence embarrassingly lives in my dental records). I'm ready to buck up and I'm excited about the challenge and opportunity to approach life a little more creatively.

If you practice Lent what are you celebrating? If you don't then are you crafting opportunities for change and growth with a clear definition of outcomes and gains? I'd love to hear about it.

sayonara sugar!


  1. Good luck! I have yet to give anything up for lent, or decide what I'll give up. I know it starts tomorrow so I'm running out of time! As a Catholic, I will not be eating meat on Ash Wednesday or any Friday during Lent. I'll also be fasting on these days.

  2. I'm taking this trip with you! Would love a follow up post on this... Good luck!

  3. Oh, I've been debating what to give up too. Sweets was definitely on the list...though I kind of modified it to chocolate...and soda...and cursing. Sad thing is, cursing will probably be the hardest...especially when driving:)

  4. Thank you ONCE again for the inspiration! I REAAAAALLY need to give up sugar too! (Almost impossible when you live in France) But I downloaded the I Quit Sugar book, and am on the boat to a healthier me :)

    Thank you Happy Brittany!!

  5. Just discovered your blog and love it :) I've decided to give up bread. Including pizzas and anything bread-like. I'm very interested to know how your 40 days without sugar go! Good luck! x

  6. I'm giving up candy for Lent. Not as hard core as giving up sugar altogether, but it's definitely a challenge for me! I hope you post updates throughout the season.