Aloe Vera

I sit in the dark as the aloe soothes my sunburned back. That's what you get for leaving institute and having fun at the beach I guess.

But I sure did miss my kids this weekend. All weekend long I was haunted by echoes of their sweet voices. Things like:

Teacher: "Rodrigo can you tell me a word that starts with E?"
Rodrigo: "Ectorrrrr*!"
His confidence was admirable! In case you hadn't figured it out...no, there is not a kid in my class named "Ectorrrr*" he was saying Hector.... They're just so stinking cute.

Or the classic: "Jyello!" for "yellow."

And I can't forget this line: "I miss pre-school, we got to watch movies all day!"

And I always have to come up with a new line for Esteban when he asks- "Ms. Toll, did mister colorrrr*s call again last night?"

I only have 3 days left with my amazing summer school kids. I'm so sad. I'm going to miss them. The hard part is I can't just add them on Facebook and write on their wall or creep when they add a new photo album..... once I leave on Friday I will more than likely never see any of them again.

Count on tears. Many of them.

*rrrr: represent the spanish rolled R in my blog.

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