Movin' on up ya'll!

What's less cool than Las Cruces? Gallup, NM. Actually I love Las Cruces, and Gallup is growing on me...yeah, I'm kind of in love.

Recent developments:

Planning a YEAR worth of pre-kinder lessons. Woah.

I'm a bit of a home decor monster and now mildly obsessed with junk stores and spray paint. I think it's progressing into a problem.

I have hardwood floors. I do. I do. I do-ooo.

I got my bed today! I think that's actually when you know you're officially stuck somewhere, when the bed is in place (and the sheets are already on).

School starts August 17th. Oh my gosh. My first day of pre-k! =) I like saying that for so many reasons, such as 1.) Duh! It rhymes 2.) It's like.... dejavu! and 3.) HOLY COW I'm a freakin' teacher!

Well, I'm starting to find many ways to apply my marketing degree to pre-k, in a non-brainwash the kids to talk their parents into buying them Happy Meals and Hot Wheels kind of way, but in a "school's totally AWESOME" kind of way.

Well, stay tuned as time narrows in on my FIRST DAY OF PRE-K!!


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