Breakthrough Role (Prepare for extreme use of parenthesis)

My second to last day of institute training and I finally have my breakthrough! Ha! Well, my lesson plan today was my best yet. My kids were super engaged and on task and for the most part adhering to their expectations. They really enjoyed it and I in turn really enjoyed them (but when do I not?).

Today we graphed the number of kids who liked cookies and the number who liked cupcakes, and can you believe this- MORE kids prefer cookies! What??!? Kids these days, they just don't respect the true value of a beautifully crafted dessert! I mean seriously, a mini cake- what could be better??

As for the one month of summer school and the impact it's had on my kiddos? Well that data will be released to my valued readers (all 3.26 of you.... and I say ".26" because I think Phil has only read one post.... but whoa, I am getting way too off task and creating a terribly long run on sentence in this parenthesis so I'll stop after I say "thanks 3.26 of you who read this!!") at an upcoming date so be on the lookout! Okay, sorry to have sidetracked you there. From the way it looks, most of our students have made (get ready for some TFA vocab here.... you ready? get ready!) SIGNIFICANT GAINS! And I mean legitimately, and especially in math! OooOo they be like, so smart and like, such as.

Send me good vibes tomorrow as it is guarenteed I will bawl my eyes out as I send my students home one last time. Oh, I just cried a little right now.


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