"...and I like nachos too!" Week 3

I will be finished in two weeks, hallelujah.

Then I'm off to New Mexico, where I will have my own batch of rambunctious 4 and 5 year-olds that I can't wait to take on!

I went to Denver this weekend for the 3-day weekend. It's so easy to just want to not get back on the plane. It was nice to just be lazy all-weekend long, free of deadlines, alarm clocks, and terrible cafeteria food. But I only have 2 more weeks left of institute... and it's actually not that bad. Plus, I would be devastated if I had to cut out 2 weeks of precious times with my summer school pre-kinders.

Dahvyne is hilarious! We played a game where everyone in the class sits n a circle and says their name and favorite food. I started and said "My name is Brittany and I like nachos!" Then as the circle went by I heard lots of things- bananas, apples, whatever else lil' guys like, but then when it came to Dahvyne, she said "My name is Dahvyne and I like nachos too!" It was so matter-of-factly. I love that little sassy girl.

Edwin said one day in class "I miss pre-school cause all we ever did was watch movies all day!" Lil' punk.

Oh I have the kids in on this hilarious thing. So when I was working with a group of kids trying to get them to learn patterns I told them this awesome story! I told them that "Mr. Colors" called and said they wouldn't be able to make A-B patterns, that he would trick them with lots of colors. They were soooooo into it! I even pretended to talk to him on the phone one day and hung up on him after he frustrated me so much for not believing in my kids and trying to trick them! Oh boy and you can bet they know patterns now! And every day Esteban say "did you talk to Mr. Colors? What did he say?" and Alejandro is always eager to know as well.

Teaching rocks.

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