"W" starts with "D"

When I was reviewing letters today with a group of enriched students I asked on of the students to tell me the letter I presented her on a flashcard. The letter was "W" and while she struggled I asked if anyone could help her. I must say Dahvyne is one intellectual pre-kinder! She blurts out- "that's the one that starts with D" -that's just pure brilliance! Of course "double-u" starts with "D" but actually no right? Because "W" is just "W" not "double-u," of course I did not have the heart to break that news to her- but I mean technically she is right, so I was not sure what to tell her.

What kind of language have we created here where one of our letters actually has a word in it?? I mean really- we can come up with "M" as the name for "M" and "T" as the name for "T" but did we really run out of names when we stumbled upon the creation "W?" So some smart person totally set our pre-kinders up for disaster by naming "W" as "double-u!" And on that note- it seems more like a "double v" if you ask me, but I guess that all depends on your handwriting. But seriously- English is bogeous. However, I am so proud of my super brilliant students!

Just a random thought.... carry on.

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  1. Brittany! Cody just gave me your blog link today and I am loving reading about your new life. Teach for America is fully wonderful...good job! I love this post, especially, though. Teaching English to non-native speakers is such a task! Every other language makes total sense once you sit down to learn it, but English...why do we have so many words?!?! You're doing a great job..keep it up! :)