good stuff.

Here are some highlights of a long week.... wait- it's only Wednesday?

"Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" the best and easiest way to entertain a heard of 4 and 5-year-olds. And when you read it a second time to them, they will have most of it memorized.... it's a beautiful thing.

Thank the Lord for "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and thank him twice for creating a book about "Alvin and the Chipmunks" which created a wonderful chain of effects: 1st- the class looked at the Scholastic book order catalog I sent home in their folders, 2nd- one students saw the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" book and made it known to the other children, 3rd- the children went home to their parents and begged for the book and 4th- the parents ordered the books.... which means..... so many kids now have books to read at home, and books they will WANT to read. Ah, I can see the joy now.

Angel invited me over to his house to watch a scary movie, that was cute.

Elijah (a 3rd grader in my after-school art class) had terribly dry skin, so I gave him lotion and put some in a Dixie cup for him to have for the rest of the day. The next day during school he came to my class (with permission from his teacher) to get some more lotion. Yes, I know- judging by the paint all over my sweater I may only look like a PreK teacher, but I betcha didn't know I was also a medicine woman. Yes, I am a master at healing dry hands (it's a gift).

Organizing my desk. Enough said.

Larry's inspirational quote: "I'm gonna be a firefighter so I can save people's lives."

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" for it's ability to also entertian a flock of crazy kids.

Painting clouds on a cloudy day with the 2nd graders in the after-school program while listening to classical music.

Sleeping-in until 7:09am (accidentally) and still making it to school by 7:30am (with a 6 minute drive).

The pure joy that the new 4-person art easel has brought to my classroom.

Snow tonight. Snow tomorrow. Snow tomorrow night. Any fortunetellers predict a snow day.... not that I want one or anything.

Meeting my new "little sister" through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Best thing ever was when I asked her what her favorite music was and she replied "rap" and then I asked who her favorite artist was (like I know ANY rap artists that well) and she replied "Taylor Swift" Bwahahah!!! This is wonderful, a new little sister after my own heart.... now if I could only get her to like folk music.

And last but most certainly not least: my little (but bigger than me) brother Hunter getting his license and a new car (wait, is this a good thing?). He's so grown up. But I am a very proud sister indeed.

Sending you all love from PreK.

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