1 month later

It has been 1 month and 2 days since I last blogged about life in a PreK classroom. December got pretty hectic. I moved into a new place and my students were finishing up their second quarter. Not to mention Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas, and all  the Christmas shopping I had to do. Oh, and the preparation of the class Christmas party was draining also.

Moving was the largest burden, but I am oh-so-happy now! Not that I wasn't happy before, just MUCH happier now. I have a roommate which has changed everything. I initially thought living alone was something I wanted to do so badly. After living in a sorority house full of girls I thought living alone would be splendid. Well, I learned that I'm just not the sort of person who should EVER live alone. I think I might have experiences a slight sliver of depression from the loneliness, the cold, the darkness and the lack of $$.  But all that has changed, I'm saving money, paying off my debt, carpooling to school, carpooling to the gym at 5am and living with one of the friendliest most positive people I have aver known. I finally do not feel like the only person who is exhausted at the end of the day, I now have someone to share that feeling with!

2010 brings so much to the table. It's so interesting how wonderful the start of a new year can be isn't it?? An opportunity to change and hit the "reset" button. I have so many big goals and I am so eager to make them happen! I must say that I will miss 2009 nevertheless. The year I learned so much, and grew immensely. Also the year I graduated from college, and the year I was accepted into Teach For America. To sum it up, 2009 changed my life. But I think 2010 will be just as wonderful- heck, maybe even better (is that possible??).

Ah, being back in the classroom was a little manic, but I managed to survive the 1st week back. The Prekinders were a  little naughty (maybe fueled up on treats from their stockings?) but they eased right back into it like champs and by Wednesday we were back to normal. It amazes me how smart the little boogers are, and how much they grow. I swear, in 2 weeks they grew so much. After seeing them I was happy to be back (not sure why I was dreading it on Sunday night). I was delighted to have them again, they make me laugh so much- crazy how I get paid to do this.

I can't wait to start blogging again and make record of all the cute, funny, clever, and just plain crazy things the Prekinders will do and say. Like this week when we finished reading Pinkalicious (the story of a girl who ate too many pink cupcakes and turned pink) and Madison said "Last night I turned pink!" and Shobi replied "Last night I turned brown!" Ha ha ha.

Ta ta for now.

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