looong with 3 os.

Wow, it was a long week.

Yesterday was rather entertaining. The pm kids were lining up for the bathroom after lunch when Lily started ralphing all over. I had the rest of the class go on to the bathroom while I stayed behind to help Lily get cleaned up. Two minutes later Miss Shelly (one of my assistants) came in to tell me that Angelina had just thrown up all over the bathroom floor! It was unbelievable. Lily said she had a tummy ache so I called her mom so that she could be picked up. Then I asked Angelina if she had a tummy ache and she said "no" so I asked her why she threw up and this was what she said- "Because somebody didn't flush the toilet.... there was poop." So Angelina threw up because she saw poop in the toilet.... I felt terrible for her, but my assistants and I were nearly rolling on the ground laughing so hard.

On a more serious note, today I taught the class about Martin Luther King Jr. We read a story called "Happy Birthday Martin Luther King" and I was so impressed with the kids. When we discussed segregation they said things like "That's not fair!" and "Everybody should get to eat at the same restaurant!" Then we talked about the assassination, Kiera-Rae kept wanting to know who did it and Larry said "Was it because the man who shot him wanted people to still be mean to each other Ms. Toll?" I am just so impressed with them. While at times they can be a tad naughty they really have the most pure and wonderful spirits. They are all so loving and they understand the concept of being fair and kind to one another. I think the world will be in great hands when they grow up.

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