H1N1 shot.

Today was H1N1 vaccinate day at Rocky View Elementary. Just the thought of needles being poked into kids arm all day long at my school made me cringe.

Since today SHOULD have been a snow day most of my students were absent, so only two got the vaccination. Donald got the shot and Danielle got the nose puff deal. When the nurse came down to get them I sent Ms. Shelly and Ms. Brittney with them to also get their shots. I was not looking forward to getting mine. When the four of them came back Donald was such a champ. He showed off his sticker and he was proud of how brave he was. I was jealous.

It finally came time for me to get my shot... ug. I had Ms. Shelly read and take over the class and made Ms. Brittney come with me to get my shot so that I had someone to hold my hand (although I did not make her do that since I didn't want to make her feel awkward). Ms. Brittney told me that when she brought Donald over to get his shot he was so good about it and so brave so she had to toughen-up and do the same. I knew I also had to do the same. There was a 2nd grader in front of me (who was one of my after-school art students) in the line who was very frightened. I helped her calm down and I think that made me a feel a little better. Well my turn came, and Ms. Brittney was a wonderful supporter.... it didn't hurt so bad. [They offered the nose puff deal to me but I declined. That sounded quite uncomfortable.] And the sweet nurse gave me a pink band-aid with hearts.... although what I really wanted was a cool sticker like Donald's.....

But ask me if my arm is sore now? Yep. It is.

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