Book & Song & Body

I'm sitting in Atlanta, Georgia during my layover to Philadelphia and felt compelled to blog about three current obsessions of mine in hopes that you may find the same enjoyment from one of these little treats!

Book: Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss. Yes, we all know and love this classic book about dreaming big and flying high. On Wednesday night I had the pleasure of reading this book three times to the 4th grade students at a local elementary school in Gallup. I actually brought my own copy, and of course, it was the POP UP! version (I use the POP UP! with my pre-k students since the content is still too deep for their sweet little brains to process….the animated illustrations keep them entertained & offer opportunity for commentary from Ms. Toll). I love how every time I read this book something new resonates with me and tugs a different cord in my mind. I made the decision that I am definitely bringing this book with me to Miss USA and reading it nightly. Ambitious? Perhaps… but I’m gonna try! Maybe Miss Hawaii USA (my roommate while I’m in Las Vegas) will be down with a nightly bedtime story! I remember one of my teachers in high school reading this to our class on my very last day of high school. Even at 18 it still didn’t make much sense to me. Six years later, after acquiring knowledge from the relationships I have made with others & the experiences I have had as an independent goal-setting woman, this book makes so much more sense and makes me feel incredibly good. I love the comfort it offers on issues like failure and loneliness. I love the inspiration it sparks on finding your own direction & to resist waiting around. Each individual can take a way a different lesson every time they read it. If it’s been a while, I encourage you to peek at a copy next time you’re at the library, or Barnes & Noble.
Song: Long Live by Taylor Swift... the last song on her Speak Now album (#14). This song has been on repeat for me all week long. It’s the perfect theme song to appoint to my present life as I close this chapter as a Teach For America corps member and begin a new, exciting, and unpredictable next chapter. The energy is contagious.

Body: Natural bristle body brush. I take a few minutes to run this all over my body in circular motions before I hop in the shower. I was doing a detox a few months ago and that’s where I initially learned about this magical technique. After doing some Googling I learned that there are so many great things that this little tool does to your body...

"Brushing your skin may sound like an odd thing to do, but it does have its benefits. Not only does brushing the skin result in the removal of dead surface skin cells to reveal newer, younger looking skin, brushing the skin also assists with the elimination of toxins by stimulating blood flow. By brushing off that layer of dead skin you unclog pores that open the way for waste material to exit the body and nourishing skin creams to enter the body. Dry body brushing can also improve the texture of your skin, and it can get rid of cellulite. The lymphatic system is cleansed through dry body brushing as well." -eHow 

...since learning about these benefits I have become a devout body brusher!

daffodils & happy pills,

P.S: It's a HAPPY CELEBRATION as Happy Brittany now officially has it's very own domain address: www.happybrittany.com (don't worry, if you are still attached to brittanytoll.blogspot.com it will redirect you to the new address)!!!  

Thank you all for the endless support & comments. You all have inspired me in countless ways & remind me of why I love doing this blogging thing (even when I stay up way past my bedtime in order to do so!).


  1. Oh the Places You'll Go was actually the reading in my wedding! Haha! It was a casual thing (we were in a park in flip flops, and me in an $18 JC Penny white summer dress), but it fit us perfectly. We were moving to China just a few months later!

  2. Oh that book sounds fun... I will definitely buy it, thanks for the recommendation!
    Greetings from Germany - and like we say "toi toi toi" for the pageant - or "GO BRITTANY"!!!
    Caroline :-D

  3. That's so awesome Ameya! What a perfect reading for such an important moment. This puts a big smile on my face.

    Greetings Caroline! Thank you for the support & love all the way from GERMANY!!!! :)))