A Portrait of Love

A reflection of what I enjoyed this marvelous week I what I'm looking forward to in weeks to come. I love expressing gratitude.

Smoothies are my fuel & now that I have these recipes I'm going to try each one. Smoothie time!!!

I went camping this weekend with my fellow Teach For America 2009 New Mexico corps members in celebration of our completion of our 2-year commitments with the organization and becoming alumni. We feasted on s'mores (by the way check out this amazing recipe for Warm Toasted Marshmallow S'more Bars!)and I may or may not have had 9 of them.

Adore my pen pal Justine
Coming home to the most wonderful little note from my sister, friend, and NYC pen pal Justine. It made my day. 

Enjoying the experiences of other teachers. Teachers rock! See for yourself.

I loved reflecting on all of the wonderful pieces of New Mexico.... like did you know that New Mexico has a Space Port & it's just north of my hometown? Sunsets at White Sands (I just had a photo shoot there!!), Carlsbad Caverns (LOVE), The Whole Enchilada (nom nom nom), and so much more.... Billy The Kid, the mysterious staircase at Loretto Chapel... the list is endless. This place truly is "The Land of Enchantment." I love New Mexico.

My favorite teacher hair-do is depicted above. This weekend I was called out for tugging on it so often. I never knew! Thanks Ben. :)

I loved arriving to my hotel room in Las Cruces only to find the sweetest and most adorable cupcake kit that was hand crafted by my sweet state directors. I love them both in countless ways.

April Fool's Day is on of my favorite holidays. I'm addicted to pulling pranks (insert evil laugh here).

I have discovered a recent obsession with feather tattoos. There are some beautiful ones here.

Being Miss New Mexico USA, everyday I think about how truly blessed I am for this opportunity and the abilities I have to reach out to unique communities and positively influence a variety of audiences. I just got a hold of the DVD of the Miss New Mexico USA pageant from October. I watched the final moment about 6 times with water filled eyes as I listened to my amazing supporters in the background chanting my competition title (Billy the Kid) loud enough for the people in Phoenix to hear.

Oh I MUST craft one of these pop-up cards for someone right now! I love spreading love through craft.

create magic
Saying "thank you" by painting cards that are shaped like the state of New Mexico with a heart carved out of them using the colors purple & orange.

I love reading. What should you read next? PS: Thank me later for this one. ;)

My sweet mom sent me an adorable Easter basket full of treats like Resse's Pieces in the shape of a carrot (I have gotten one of these every year of my life that I can remember... which means at least since I was 4), chocolate dipped Peeps (yes, YUMMY!) and a brand spankin' new pink Filofax since I managed to create quite the buzz with my How to be an Organizational Goddess post. Love my mommy.

blogs are made of dreams. so is cotton candy.
Inspiring others to be bloggers. Who cares if no one reads it? I have learned so many new things since really taking on this blogging thing and I have loved taking on the mindset of Happy Brittany. I especially love when the school counselor tells me "When I'm upset I look at Happy Brittany. It really makes me happy." Aw shucks Debbie. :))

Shopping at Ella Blu in El PAso and finding some divine wardrobe pieces for Miss USA! [!!!]

Loving people, all people. I am finally at a point in my life where I feel no ill feelings for anyone. I have worked so hard to get here and to choose other emotions over anger, jealousy or aggravation. I feel so free. So happy. So powerful. So blessed. So lucky. You can choose your emotions. You can choose peace and love in all situations. Wow. "I tell you, the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." ~Vincent van Gogh

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix

Bubbles, Balloons & Bakeries,

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