happy monday [ i & i ]

Happy Monday peeps. I just wanted to share a little something... an extra boost of inspiration to focus on for the week and perhaps some fuel to keep you going. Enjoy you magical gems.



Let's get smooooothin....
 As I prepare for Miss USA [!!!] I am gaining so much valuable knowledge about healthy living & feeling good. Thus smoothies have become a recent staple to my diet. I have discovered some amazing tricks and recipes and this week I'm going to try a few of them that I've never tried before.... I think you should too. 

Here are some reasons why smoothies ROCK...
-there are so easy & quick to make
-they are delicious (nom nom nom)
-smoothies are aesthetically pleasing
 -they're quite filling!
-they incorporate SUPER good for you foods like spinach, raspberries, avocado, protein, vitamins & flax seed
-smoothies are super easy for "on the go" Miss New Mexico USAs/pre-kindergarten teachers/bloggers or whoever you are (rockstars??!?)
-they can be made in bulk and stored in the freezer for even more convenient access
-you get to use a straw... ah, nostalgic bliss (OMG I want these so bad!!)

 Have I sold you yet? Good! 

My roommate and I have been trying new things with our smoothies (the evidence is on our sticky counter tops). I have been inspired (or just on an obsessive kick) to do even more research and here are some amazing recipes and ideas to enjoy....

I love this blog Green Lemonade & this Get Slim: Creamy Avocado + Cucumber Smoothie is on my to do list this week
Smoothie Web -Tons of colorful smoothies on here.... Purple Detox? Yes please!
I actually own this Whole Living edition with these 25 Quick & Easy Smoothie Recipes (oh that Berry Tofu one looks like heaven!)
I'm dying to try one of these avocado smoothies this avocado smoothie or this avocado smoothie

Superfruit Smoothie get in my belly!!!!
Detox made easy & tasty
Oh my gosh! Kale, Spinach & Pear yummmz ...or just Spinach
I love the magazine Real Simple & I love their smoothie ideas... they never disappoint me
You like chai? I like chai! Banana Chai or Chai Almond Smoothie (hello protein!)
Mmmm Spinach, Grape & Coconut ...what a combo!

I'm off to the store to stock up on ingredients....

ginger & gems,


  1. Ohhh, Brittany, you're timing is apt.
    I just had a Banana smoothie. Just bought a mix and added the banana..
    Thanks for added tips though
    Cassie in Seattle
    Facebook friend

  2. Awesome Cassie! Thanks for sharing! Now you have even more recipes of goodness. :)

  3. After just eating my breakfast smoothie I stumbled upon your site! I love it and wish you the best with Miss USA! Thanks for your inspiration. ss

  4. We must have been surfing the same brain waves! :) Thank you so much! Enjoy your treats!!

  5. These look awesome! I just read the interview you did with Gala Darling (I loved it!) and I came right over here to read your blog. I'll definitely be making some of those delicious smoothies this week :)

  6. Awesome!! Thanks for stopping by Brooke!! :)) Enjoy your treats, I'm doing so right now....

  7. I'm pretty sure green smoothies are taking over the WORLD!! I love me some GS, this is my fav recipe http://bit.ly/gSar3S You should try it, it's delish!! Just read your article on Gala Darling, LOVE it!! You go girl!! I'll be rooting for you!!


  8. OOo thank you for sharing! I will try that this weekend! Thank you for rooting for me, you are awesome!!!