happy monday [ i & i ]

truth be told

drink more water
 um... why?
...because water does amazing things for you! It's great for your skin, your digestive system, your brain and SO much more. 
Here are some sites you can check out for some super fast tips & more info:

I know so many people who just cant stand drinking water, and lemme tell you, I use to be the exact same way. I grew up drinking soda, juice and (yum yum) lemonade. Trust me, it was a huge lifestyle shift for me to cut those things out of my diet. But once I did, not only did I loose a little weight but definitely noticed many other benefits. I have significantly fewer migraines & headaches, my skin is more radiant & has little to no blemishes, I have more money (water is FREE at restaurants!) and more energy. I cannot sing the praises of water enough. I drink 3 to 4 liters per day! I crave water. Drinking this much water even helps train your bladder to be stronger. Yes!! You will be the champion in the window seat of the 5 hour cross-country flight!!

One way I began my transition to drinking more water is by putting fruit in my water. I would put lemon wedges, strawberries, raspberries and cucumbers. Apples & grapefruit sound delish too. You can even make your own fruit ice cubes...

Mmmm.... kiwi!
I urge you to incorporate more water into your diet this week, and more & more each week that follows. Oh, and invest in a fabulous water bottle! The US is currently the number one consumer of bottle water and here is why that is no bueno: 

 My roommate & I have water jugs that we fill up every week with purified water. I also recently got myself a water bottle with its own filter which is especially nifty for traveling because you can fill it up after you get through security and feel refreshed as you travel! 
I prefer 1 liter bottles to help me gauge my daily water consumption. 

happy thirst quenching!


  1. I am so obsessed with my bobble!! It's not even funny. It is pink and fabulous for carrying to classes! I love this post :)

  2. Love drinking water and have to say that I am intrigued by the bobble :)

  3. Yeah! Go bobble! They are the best. I'm about to order another one so that I can send one to a friend!

    Thanks for stoppin' by!

  4. those fruit ice cubes look amazing. i am definitely going to make those!