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be present
As easy as it sounds it can be very challenging to concentrate on the present. I tend to find myself so wrapped up in the future that I overlook the life that is sitting right under my nose. One of my favorite books, 28 Days to a More Magnetic Life, touches a lot on the art of being present. For the remainder of the week I am encouraging myself to become more present. All I have to do is keep this intention on the forefront of my mind. Though my thoughts may go awry, I will try to bring it back to the present moment as often as I can. One way I help myself concentrate on the present moment is by putting sticky notes all over my home, car, and work space that read simple things like "be here now" or "be present" or "you are here."
lovely reminders
I also like to put "thank you" sticky notes all over to remind myself to constantly be grateful.... I'll think to myself "thank you for this warm sunlight" or "thank you for these pumpkin seeds"
or "I am so thankful for the sound of my students singing." My mom once asked me "Why do you need these notes everywhere? Shouldn't you always just say 'thank you?'" I had to explain to her that I wanted to be even more thankful than I already am and the notes serve as constant reminders because sometimes my mind isn't always where I want it to be. As soon as I wake up in the morning I immediately start expressing gratitude in my mind, and further, I sit in bed, sip my tea, and scribble out a list of things I am grateful for, big or small, tangible or intangible. All of these activities are part of my quest to be present.
I am here.
Feel the ground under the rubber soles of your shoes. Stop and listen to the sounds of birds, or cars, or wind. Take deep breaths. Look at yourself from an out-of-body perspective. Feel the chill in the air, the sun on your back, or the page of a glossy magazine. Close your eyes and exude gratitude. Be aware, be content, be in the now. Chew your food more, rather than just gulping it. Sip your tea slowly, make slurping noises, and giggle inside. Take pictures in your mind. Forget about tomorrow, focus on today. Suspend anxiety and worry because tomorrow is another day and the future is unpredictable.
These are my goals and intentions for the week.
stars, slippers, & sugar cubes,


  1. Whoops. I was in quite the rush when I posted this since I was running late for a meeting, pardon my spelling errors (I lack dexterity & suck at spelling, those two elements combined make me a repeat offender of error). XOXO Happy Brittany

  2. I love sticky notes. Don't know what I would do without them!

    Your blog is so cute!


  3. Thank you! Oh my me too! I have an entire tub full of them a rainbow of colors, shapes, and sizes!

    I'm checking out your blog this instant! :)

  4. I adored this post, you have such a lovely blog, definitely one of my faves :)
    I have a giveaway at sparkle-and-grey.blogspot.com

  5. Brittany, thank you so much for this post! Just before I sat down and read this, I was PANICKING about all the stuff I have to do before I begin law school in August. Your post helped me relax and remember that the present is just as important as the endgame. Thank you for your lovely blog :)

  6. Wow Catherine, we must have been surfing the same brain waves. I can only imagine how much anxiety I would have if I were in your shoes! Law school will be so amazing, and mad props to you for taking the courage to reflect and strive for the present moment. I'm so happy to hear that this post helped. Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing your kind compliments. :)

  7. I started following your blog after your feature on galadarling. I love it. I LOVE this post especially. I sent it to my sister as well. We've both gotten bogged down in the crappy things life has thrown our way recently.. but if I step back and really pay attention, we are still so incredibly blessed and have so much to be thankful for. I'll definitely make more of an effort every single day. Just needed some good ol' inspiration!! Thank you!

  8. Yay Ginny! Thank you! Thank you for following. :) I'm so excited to hear about your reflections. It can be so difficult sometimes, I know I certainly battle with this on a daily basis. :)) hearts to you chica! Keep rockin!!

  9. Working on being present is hard work sometimes but definitely worth it. Getting ready to go back to school I have to remind myself to take a step back from the intense planning and actually appreciate the journey I'm on. Great topic, great post! Love your blog!

  10. I, also, want to work on being present and thankful. Love the Dr. Seuss quote!