happy monday [ i & i ]


I'm going to share with you a brilliant little secret that I have recently been enlightened by... You have willpower.
(say that to yourself, write it on a sticky note)
willpower: control deliberately exerted to do something or to restrain one's own impulses : a stupendous effort of will.

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever is one of the most constructive books on my Kindle right now. I read a few pages every day or so. I have to say, this book has certainly been instrumental in building my mindset and positive motivation for Miss USA. One of the most recent lessons that has stimulated my motivation was about willpower. I loved it so much I wanted to share some of the ideas. (PS- If you clicked the link and saw the price of the book for the Kindle your eyes were not tricking you, it's true!)

This lesson talks about will power and strength through resisting temptation. The author reflects on Emerson, who believes that when we say "no" to a temptation the power of that dead temptation passes into us & strengthens our will. The lesson goes further and brings up William James and his recommendation that we do at least two things every day that we don't want to do. By doing these things simply because we do not want to we sustain our own willpower and thus maintain awareness of our own will. 

Here is where I get to play with a double negative. "I don't want to not eat that brownie" ah, but since that is something I don't want to not do then I'm going to not do it in order to gain willpower. Confused? Just trust me. How about "I don't want to get out of bed right now and go to they gym, it's 5:30am and I'm warm & cozy and still a tad sleepy."  Or perhaps when you find yourself in a situation where someone has been unkind to you. You may not want to blow off the negative comments but if you do, you not only gain will power but also piece of mind & less negative energy in your life.

Do it. Gain power. Give yourself a high-five. Feel awesome.

 Cheers to a marvelous & powerful week-

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  1. Thanks, Brittany! Your post is just what I needed today!