Ms. Toll is Tall

I have endless stacks of homework to attend, laundry to stick in the dryer (perhaps I'll have a clean pair of socks for one of my gym routines?!), packing to do for Miss USA, thank you cards to pour my gratitude into & the list goes on and on.... But yet, I just had to pause for a second and blog. It's becoming rather addictive.

Ok, so lemme make it quick. I just wanted to illustrate what happens when a pre-k teacher, who stands at 5'10 barefoot, wears high heels to the elementary school she works at...

First let me tell you why I don't usually wear high heels to work:
1.)  I actually like my heels & I don't like boogers... usually whatever I wear to work ends up with some sort of mystery goo attached to it by the end of the day & I just couldn't bare the sight of something like that one of of my gems. Ew.
2.) Why don't you try chasing a group of rowdy 4-year-olds around during recess through the graveled playground and get back to me about how that works out for you.
3.) I am 5'10 & my students are 3'3, add heels and I become Godzilla to them crashing through their block cities on a mission to gobble up their helpless counting bears. Not the best way to make a kid like school.
4.) Do you know how many times a day a teacher steps on her 4-year-olds hands? Add a spiky pair of heels to the mix and you have one big problem on YOUR hands Ms. Toll.
5.) Contrary to most people's understanding of New Mexico, Gallup is rather chilly. It's not the hardest decision of my life to choose Uggs over stilettos when the thermometer reads "2."

Now here are 5 reasons why I will be wearing high heels to school every day until the last day of the school year:
1.) I'm prepping my feet for my adventures in Las Vegas (and beyond **fingers crossed**) as I anticipate 15 hour days in my peep-toe pals.
2.) I'm gaining confidence and grace.... nothing is more graceful than a woman who can weave in and out of her tiny students sitting "criss-cross applesauce" on the carpet without harming a single little paw.
3.) I'm taking the beating of blisters now rather than later.
4.) Duh! Every woman knows she has to break in her new shoes, and with 10 new pairs alone for my adventures in Vegas I have quite an agenda.
5.) They make me feel great, correct my posture, and I just love wearing them. End.of.story.

So, day one of this new experiment was today, and it was awesomely fantastic! All of the students at the school commented on my newly acquired "height." One 5th grader asked me "Ms. Toll, why do ladies wear those shoes??" I also think I gained some respect from several staff members as they stopped me in the hallway with comments like "How are you still standing?" & "Your feet must be killing you!" I also confirmed that I do have decent taste in shoes as I was complimented for them all day long as well (thanks for the love Ms. Zander!). Overall, it was a success on so many levels.... and nope, my feel were not killing me, they were just fine & I'm certain these blisters will heal before my departure to Las Vegas.

Oo the 4-year-olds would surely get a kick out of these (get it??! "kick"... shoes?? Bwahaha!!)...

Just remember, life's too short to wear boring nail polish!


  1. Being 5'2" I doubt I'll be quite as tall as you next to my early childhood kids! I'm thrilled to see that it's still a possibility, as I'll continue competing for Miss Oklahoma once you're crowned Miss USA! Love reading about your TFA adventures and looking forward to learning more from your blog!

  2. OOOo yay! Let me know if you need anything as you begin your preparations for Miss OK! Thank you so so so much. ;)

  3. Hi Brittany...cute story, but why do websites list you as 5'9"?

  4. Thanks! .... and because at Miss teen USA in 2005 I was 5'9 and that's what I think some people still go by. But I've grown since then.;)

  5. so when you competed in miss usa, how tall were you with heels on? :)