happy monday [ i & i ]

Which reminds me of something Johnny Depp said that I never forgot: 
"I was always fascinated by people who are considered completely normal, because I find them the weirdest of all."
I think this means it's ok if you like to prefer to drink your chocolate milk like soup and slurp it with a spoon (me!), it's ok if you were formerly known as "bucked-tooth beaver" for having an undeniable overbite and two front teeth that crossed over (me!), it's ok if you enjoy the smell of gasoline, but not in a concerning way (me!), and it's ok if you replay a song before it's over endless amounts of time until you actually become sick of the song and then skip it every time it comes up on your iPod (me!). Embrace it and showcase it. I love surprising people. Tell me, what makes you "you?"

be a morning goddess
 Mornings are critical to your magical day.

First check this out....I found this amazing resource full of ideas: How To Be A Morning Goddess. I highly recommend you download it (when it's free & marvelous how can you not?). It's full of wonderful examples & insights from amazing women.

Next, begin to craft your own magical agenda! Mine is ever-evolving but I certainly do have some rituals:

5:17am- 1st alarm goes off. I actually cannot set my alarm for a perfect time, I prefer to set it at a random time. How odd, I know.
5:17am-5:35am- Lay in bed. Ponder. Express gratitude. Visualize desires. Pretend it's my birthday. Write in gratitude journal, ect...
5:35am- Hop out of bed, slip on my sneakers (which is sweeter when I remember to untie them the night before), download the latest edition of The Daily on my iPad & shuffle off to the gym in a slight daze. 
5:45am-6:15am- Spend 25 minutes doing some form of cardio exercise while reading my daily affirmations from 28 Days to a More Magnetic Life and The Daily (e-newspaper) cover-to-cover.
6:15-6:35am- Come home & chow down! 1/2 cup of oatmeal with cinnamon, 3 egg whites, a shot of milk & two glasses of loudly sipped green tea along with my morning supply of vitamins while playing the Today Show on my iPad.
6:35-6:50am- Gather and prepare lunch & check social networks (which usually produces a large smile on my face).
6:50-7:15am- Get ready for work, listen to NPR, & read The Secret Daily Devotion of the day.
7:15am- Zooooom, off to work (while listening to a Wayne Dyer audio program or Taylor Swift) to spend my day with the most incredibly pre-kindergarteners on the planet.

Ah, so many positive thoughts consuming my morning how could my day not be incredible?

Tell me about your mornings Sunshine

peach trees & honey bees,


  1. Hi Brittany!! I love your blog! It truly is a happy blog! =D I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who loves mornings. For me, I love doing some yoga on my balcony (it's covered so the whole world isn't watching, lol). I like to finish off with having a cup of herbal green tea and toast. Being up so early is so refreshing and in a way very liberating!

  2. Wow, you wake up so early!!! I am in complete awe at your morning routine!! xx

  3. I love your routine! I really need to work on mine, it's not good, but it's hard when there is a toddler involved. :(