happy monday [ i & i ]


love list

Write a list of 10 things you LOVE about yourself. Try to do this daily if you can, or make a "Top 10" list that you can look back on when you are bummed out, exhausted, or even when you are pumped & excited. It never hurts to remind yourself why you are awesome & worthy of greatness & a fabulous life....because you are.

My list for today:
1.) I love my creativity and visualization skills.
2.) I love my brown eyes.
3.) I love my innate desire to help others, inspire, & lead change.
4.) I love the way I appreciate simplicity and playfulness.
5.) I love my intelligence & ability to interest others.
6.) I love my never-ending crave for learning.
7.) I love my olive-toned skin.
8.) I love my whimsical and unique handwriting.
9.) I love my ability to laugh at myself.
10.) I love my taste in music.

I got this idea from a Jillian Michaels book that I will share with you in my next "Book & Song & Body!"

stickers & madness,
PS: Seriously ya'll are the best and the support is truly incredible. I am so blessed to have the genuine support of so many strangers. Please keep it up, it's helping more than I can even begin to articulate. And feel free to spend a minute or two voting for me to be the next Miss USA (here, right here, you can vote here 10 times per day!)!!! I would be honored & humbled to represent all of you and this gem of a country and spread some glitter & love around the world. Oooooo. Oh, and what a treat it would be if you could email the link to a friend or two, "like" it on the Miss USA website or Tweet about it sometime. ;)


  1. I used to do something like this when I wrote in my journal for the evening. I would write three things I was proud of myself for such as accomplishments for that day and three things I loved about myself for that day. Maybe I will have to start doing that again.

  2. You go, girl! I just found your blog, and I am a TFA alum/teacher as well. You seem awesome, and I think lots of people would benefit from having you as a role model. I've been voting for you and wish you the best of luck next month! I'll spread the word about voting.

  3. <3 Luisa!!! Thank you!! You are so wonderful, thank you for the taking the time to vote, & to stop by & to share your thoughts. Rock on with your bad self woman!!! TFA LOVE & MINE to you from New Mexico!!

  4. OOOo and Alyssa, yes try at it again! I too go in spurts with it, sometimes it's nice just to have a little reminder.

  5. I am trying to find a way to vote for you even though I live in Canada!! You are truly beautiful and an inspiration. If I were an American I would be very proud to have you as Miss USA!!
    Keep letting your light Shine!!