happy monday [ i & i ]

"I just want to be myself and I want you to love me for who I am." -Hair, Lady GaGa

find an audience & share your unique story
I am so happy being Happy Brittany. It has been such a unique opportunity to have the chance to share my story as Miss New Mexico USA & a pre-k teacher along with my perspective on life, with such a diverse audience. It is through this opportunity that I've gained incredible amounts of self-knowledge and understanding & this simple little blog has changed my life. It's not the "blog" itself that has just changed my life but rather the incredible individuals who follow, read, share and reach out. The people who stop by Happy Brittany from time to time all have something very powerful in common, the desire to learn. I am truly touched by the incredible love & support that I have received from this blog. Who would have thought that a blog, originated for my classroom experiences, would have evolved into something so instrumental to my life, and humbly, the lives of others?

So my idea for you is to find your opportunity, your journal, your stage, or your voice that will allow you to share your experiences & perspectives with your audience and use those tools to educate and inspire. Even if you think no one is listening there will always be at least one person who always tunes in no matter what... you. That's right. You are your biggest fan and when you share your story you are the one who will often enjoy it most and continue to learn the most from it. On top of that your experiences, challenges, and ideas are also important to others, so share them as often as you can. We are all learners in this big world.

My story has already begun & will never end. I am happy be be able to share it with others in the most honest and genuine form. Additionally I am EAGER to announce the following news....

At the end of the week I will be in Las Vegas competing for the title of Miss USA 2011 [!!!!] The telecast night will be June 19th (I know you already have your DVR set, correct?!). From this weekend on I will be at the competition and I am so pumped to be committed to blogging about my time at Miss USA every night. The days will be long & the nights even longer, but I am as ready as ever & I am so inspired by your support that I want to continue to include you all in my journey. 

So keep votin' & keep checking back 'cause it's about to get real.

Miss USA 2011... it's time.

...and in true Happy Brittany fashion, a blooper as well....

packing up and heading off,


  1. Good luck!!! You deserve to win :)

  2. YOU are amazing and inspiring and wonderful!!! YOU have a gift of inspiring and I pray for the perfect doors to open for you so you can be heard even more. We are all behind you and supporting you (even random people you do not know :)!!!! Sending love your way!!!!

  3. I'm so proud of you Shehawtee!

  4. Brooke Boswell from RoswellMay 31, 2011 at 6:04 PM

    Happy Brittany:)

  5. Omgsh! So soon!! How exciting!! Sending lots of good thoughts--and online votes ;)--your way. Rock it out, girl!

    And...I am moving back to the United States on June 19th, so I will actually be able to watch the competition!

  6. Hi Brittany! I don't know if you remember me or not. I visited NMSU with Kat once while we were both TLCs. I absolutely love your blog and you are so inspiring. I wanted to share with you a quote that has been my absolute fav throughout my graduate school career and has motivated me to keep going. Courage is the "self that surpasses itself". I know you will be amazing and I am so excited to watch you on June 19!!!! :) Good Luck!