Mmm.... today I had an apple for lunch.... which reminded me that I am a teacher.... I was even more so reminded of apples and teachers when I read the "August 11" page of my copy of the Awe-Manac: Daily Dose of Wonder and the "Toast of the Day" was:

Here's to the beauty of a perfect apple, a work of art from nature.

Today is an apple day for sure. Life, it all makes sense =) Guess this is my destiny (destiny is a funny word, and I feel funny using it).

Just a few days away from my first day. I have sure been keeping busy:

I had more new teacher orientation today for my school district. It was going well, until I discovered that my water bottle must not have been thoroughly washed and the water I was drinking was soapy. Ug.

I went to the Children's Library in downtown Gallup TWICE today. Charming little place. I plan to read many, many books to my little ones so I gathered up what I could find of "first week of school" themed books. I came up with these:

"Wemberly Worried"- I can actually relate to Wemberly, the darling little worried mouse.
"I Hate School"- after reading this I found it may not be as appropriate as I would have thought, but funny indeed!
"A Good Day"- for reading at the end of the week, followed by discussion of good days in school so far.
"Tiptoe into Kindergarten"- Ooh this one ought to get them pumped for their big goal to be kindergartners!
"Lilly's Big Day"- which is actually not school related, but I find it relative.
"The Little Engine That Could"- inspiration for a 4-year-old, one of my class investment strategies.
"Chrysanthemum"- for the 1st day, only copy left as a GYNORMOUS version.... perfect for little eyes and big imaginations.

Most of these are by Kevin Henkes, and I actually own a copy of "Kitten's First Full Moon" which is by him as well, I have decided that he might be my newest inspiration on my path towards being a children's book author. :) Oh, but sad story, "If You Take A Mouse to School" was already checked out.... I love that classic.

I'm having a hard time sleeping at night- just not used to being alone, I have never lived alone.... it's depressing.

Well, I'm off to continue planning my first week, thanks to the help of a little bible called "The First Six Weeks of School" it's actually not that bad. Some other perks: the support of TFA and the fabulous resource exchange!

1st day of school is 5 days 14 hours and too many minutes to count away!

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