I was so impressed by my little critters today. The a.m. class can successfully sing a song that counts to 20. And to think, they are only required to count to 5 by the time they are out of here. :) Now their minds are set at beating the kindergarten classes and knowing the things they learn.

We're making progress, but we have a long way to go. I finished testing my kids today. All but 3 are very far behind. Some children have the age equivalent of 2 year olds. To think, their first year in school and they are already behind. One little girl has the age equivalent of a 6 year old though, that was really exciting! I can't wait to see how much they grow this year.

I also learned that my school is in one of the lowest income areas in the district.

Memorable quotes from the day:

Me: Konnor.... please take your shoe out of your mouth.

Me: Kodi, do you have news to share?
Kodi: Yes. Spongebob.
Me: What about Spongebob?
Kodi: And Patrick.
Me: Yes, Patrick is his friend. Anything else?
Kodi: And Mr. Krabs.
Me: Yes, Mr. Krabs owns the Krusty Krab.
Kodi: You know Spongebob?

Hunter: On weekends I sleep forever!

Hunter at snack time with his Goldfish crackers: Mine are space fish!!

Payton: Ms. Toll your hair is all bushy.

Angelina: My dog is dying.

Donald: Matthew didn't break his anymore.
Me: Who's Matthew?
Donald: Matthew's my sister, he's big.
My thoughts: Concerned.

Jessica: I killed a mouse cause it was naughty, and then I sweeped it away.

Quotes from Shobi:
Shobi, holding up the bumble bee coloring page and a yellow crayon on his way out the door: I'm gonna take this and color it in my car, I'll bring this (holding up the one yellow crayon) back tomorrow. :)

Shobi: Bumble bees don't need a mouth, just a breathing thing.

Shobi: My dog is still not dying.

Shobi, in response to an ELL student in our class: Snake Eyes doesn't talk either, just like her.
On a heavy note. One of my favorite students (I know, they are all my favorite)came to class right after his mom's funeral. It was so sad. I comforted him and I think it helped him, but it doesn't change the fact that my heart is broken. He reminds me so much of my brother Chewy, I love him so much and I want to make sure the best things in life happen for him. I think I may have cried as much as he did today.

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