Today's topic? Unfortunatey it's still "dead dogs"

....and now I have both the a.m. class and the p.m. class talking about dead dogs in circle time.

Today's fart count: IIII
Today's burp count: I
Today's "I think he pooped his pants" count: I

Some other interesting dialogue from a.m. class circle time:

Nico: I poop in the potty!

Jonah: My dog died.

Kiera-Rae: I had a dream about Ariel!

Izabell: I've been having bad dreams at Granny's. I have to admit I'm a little frightened f this "Granny" character.

Me: Line Leader Lion is Isaiah!
Isaiah: Yeees!!! (...with two fist pumps and all!)

p.m. class:

Me: What's my name?
Daniele: Happy?
Me: No.
Daniele: Spider?
Me: No.
Daniele: Happy?

Student: I touched my dog but him has ticks. (Um.....)

Donald: I broke a nail!

Zoey: My cat Domino died.

Student: I kicked my dog.
Me: We shouldn't kick animals.
Student: I said "sorry!"

Angel: My dog... I fed him... and he had some food.... and he died.

Donald: At Gordi and Titi's house I picked up a cat and it scratched me three times (after that there were at least 5 more students who talked about getting scratched).

Me: You're smart Jessica!
Jessica: I know.

Ta ta for now.

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