Day Two

I would like to sum up by day by using these hil-ar-i-ous quotes from day two:

Student: "Look, I'm Wolverine!" One adorable student with three crayons closed in each fist sticking our like claws. For a good 5 minutes he did everything with them in there, even after I asked him to take them out. I finally had to take them away from him when I noticed him trying to eat his breakfast burrito with them in but it was leaking beans all over him.

Circle time:
Me: "Let's say our favorite animals!"
Most hilarious responses:
2 Dinosaurs
1 T-Rex
1 Sheep (Who chooses sheep??)

When I sneezed one student said: "Um... you know there is tissue over there" while pointing to the box of tissue.

Student: "UH! I just can't take it anymore" student gets up from desk and walks to door "I gotta check if my mom is here!"

New student told me: "Excuse me- in my other school I had a mean teacher, and he was a guy, and I asked my daddy to beat him up!"
Me: "Um, let's hope you don't ask your daddy to beat me up."

Several students at different times through out the day asking for my attention: "Miss Tall...."

Student: "Why we got to color this?"
Me: "Because it's fun, aren't you having fun?"
Student: "Um, yeah!" and continues coloring. :)

Me to student: "Please do not lick your glasses. Please put them back on."

3 students while at their art class: "Let's put our hands behind our back and pretend we're in jail!" "Yeah!" "Okay!"

I also love when the kids play in the plastic jungle gyms and come out with crazy static infused hair.

Ms. Toll (Tall)

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