Another Friday, that means happiness. Kids are a looooot of work. I will miss them so much this weekend, but I will enjoy the time away.

Sefe said to me "Ms. Toll did you know that it hurts to get a tattoo cause they stick a little needle in you!" I imagine this comment was prompted because Larry had his shirt pulled down below his shoulder so that he could show off his ultra cool lick on tattoo. It was hilarious indeed.

When I was drinking coffee Izabell said "Ms. Toll do you drink coffee cause you get Migraines cause Granny drinks coffee for her migraines." One of these days I really need to meet this "Granny" person.

Some circle time quotes: Yes, we're sill talking about dead animals, we have moved on from cats and dogs to more exotic pets now- Asyia told us that her turtle dies, and Payton told us that her cat died, along with 2 other children. Nico shared that parrot ate his rocket. Hmm....

I really wish I could share a sound clip of my kids saying "participate" it's friggen adorably awesome.

Savannah hasn't been in school since yesterday.... which makes me wonder.... Yesterday was Michael Jackson's birthday, is she taking to time off in observance? I wouldn't be too surprised. :)

I'll be spending my weekend in Las Cruces. Then one more week only till Labor Day... hallelujah! Next I'll be counting down the minutes to Thanksgiving!

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