Day three, loooong day.

I am so overwhelmed by things. So many things. So much to do. I feel like I will never be able to catch up. I hate this feeling. I have no life, no life at all, my former life is not currently 100% dedicated to teaching.

Are marketing and advertising majors meant to be teachers? I sure hope so, otherwise I'm SOL.

My day started off rocky: I had two grandparents getting upset with me because I wouldn't let their grandchildren into my class room at 7:05 a.m. School starts at 7:45 a.m. and I have to print my lesson plans and make copies of my handouts so there is just no way I can babysit during that time. I was frazzled after that.

But I felt much better when my little darlings arrived. I was drawn several pictures of "Ms. Toll" or "Ms. Tall" (I don't correct them, I enjoy either name =)). That was cute.

When I introduced my little guys to the timer that we would use for centers one kid mentioned that the bell sounded like a telephone, which prompted another kid to say "my mom's phone rings with a Michael Jackson song!" Hilarious.

When we were talking about what we wanted to be when we grew up these were some of the responses:
Doctor- 1 kid
Spongebob- 2 kids
A cat- 2 kids
A shark/alligator- 2 kids
An ice skater- 1 kid
A spaceman- 1 kid
A firefighter- 5 kids
Like Granny- 1 kid
A manager like dad- 1 kid
And several other totally awesome responses. One kid said he wanted to be "white" when he grew up. Uhhh.... I helped him figure out another option. I was very confused and thrown off.

It is so funny that when one kid does something EVERY kid feels the urge to do the same. Like when one girl said "look!" and pulled down the skin under her eyes to make a scary face EVERY kid in the class started doing it. Or when one kid said "Ms. Toll look at my new shoes!" yet again, every kid in the class was showing me new shoes and old shoes.

My kids are getting comfortable, which means they are getting crazy! I need to come down harder on my classroom management.

Overall my least favorite day so far. But one totally humbling high note- I was nominated to have a profile in the Gallup magazine! I'm very excited and I'll post it on here in a few short days! :)

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