Week One- Check.

So this sculpture is me.... read on....


One week down. An unlimited number left.

Fart count today: 5 (3 at circle time, 2 during story time). But those were only the ones I heard, there are 2 more on the list if we count the ones I didn't hear but only smelt.... yuck.

a.m. class:

Payton: "My lip hurts" she says as she pulls her lip down to her chin.
Me: "Well don't pull on it like that, that's why it hurts!"
Payton: "No it's cause I was kissing my cousin..."
Me: "Oh... well... don't do that either!"

Today in art we played with clay and Nico said "look I made a meteor!" ha ha I loved it.

All of the kids keep talking about dying pets when they share news, so I asked them to please stop sharing such sad information with the group and the next comment was this "Ms. Toll my dog had puppies!" "Oh how fun!" I said, "How many puppies did she have?" He replied "4...and they all died." Um.....

When I called on Steferino to share his news he tapped his head and said "hang on I'm thinking!"

p.m class:

Shobi was playing with the clay and said "Ms. Toll look what I made!"
Me: "Oh a big strong muscle man!"
Shobi: "No, it's you!"
Me: "Oh yeah, it is me.... thanks!" Um.....

When we were sculpting our clay I made a cat, so one boy said this "Ms. Toll can you make me a cat?" I said "How about I help you try to make one?" and he said "I can't, I'm just a lil' boy."

Shobi: "Ms. Toll I just ate a peanut butter shamwitch!"

One of my little girls talks about Michael Jackson every day! Today this was my favorite quote from her: "I don't like school because I gotta take a picture in my dress and Michael Jackson and the Beetles."

When I reminded the kids about the ice cream sandwich dance party reward for getting 10 smiley faces one student said "I don't think I'm gonna go to that party." And this was the same student that also called my aid a "weenie." When I disciplined him he cried, and then said sorry. Aw....

I was walking around the room sipping on my Pepsi and one student shouted out "Hey where did you get that pop at?"

At lunch I like to play music for the kids to listen to, so I said "Do you guys want some music?" and they all responded "Yeah!!! Hannah Montana!!" My job is sweeeeeeet.

I was called "Ms. Poll" twice today. That was a first.

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