Taste of Tuesday

Cupcakes eaten today: 5 Hallelujah for student birthdays and leftovers.
Fart count: Heard only 2 today, but there were at least a total of 5.

Today I was testing my students individually and as I was with one student I heard "Ms.Toll, Ms.Toll, are you there?? Are you there Ms.Toll??" coming from the playhouse area. I looked up with a confused look and one of my assistants said "Oh one of the student's is just pretending to call you on the phone." Those little stinkers just melt my heart.

My a.m. class unfortunately did not forget about their favorite discussion topic from last week..... dead dogs. I once again suggested that we not talk about such a sad subject in circle time and this was the next response I had "I had a puppy that had two babies, but one baby puppy got stoled...and the grandma puppy got stoled too." ...I give up.

We had two birthdays in the a.m. class, and when we sang happy birthday one of the birthday kids was rolling his eyes the whoooooole time the class sang to him. Coolest kid ever.

For snacks we had cupcakes (duh) and 2/3 of the class chose to only lick the frosting off the cupcake and throw the remainder of it away.... I remember those days.

My Michael Jackson girl (known as Savannah) said "when it's my birthday we gonna have a Michael Jackson party.... but he already died, he's in California now." Wonder what MJ fact or quote or reference she'll make tomorrow?

The p.m. topic for discussion somehow became shooting stars... so Angel told the class "One time I saw a purple shooting star!" which prompted Zoey to rebuttal with "Well I saw a pink shooting star!" and Julianna replied with "I've never seen s shooting star, but I'm going to go camping tonight so I can find one!"

One student shared that she loved her cat, and "he has a blue head and a purple body." I'm concerned.

Donald pulled me aside and said "Ms.Toll when I get big I'm gonna be a rockstar, and play guitar (insert best EVER air guitar impression here)!"

When Angelina needed assistance opening her milk she said "Can you open this?" so I said "What's the magic word?" and she replied "Open it." Future school bully? No way, she's too sweet.

Thanks goodness for my 40 little critters.

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