Today's name is "Thursday..."

I just woke up from a 2-hour nap. It was fabulous. I also have the beginning signs of a cold :(. I guess I haven't built my teacher immunity yet.

My day was full of funny things that 4-year-olds do.

One of my students threw a major tantrum when I told him he would be moving his apple (a disciplinary procedure) for not coming in from the playground. Then he decided to throw rocks, so I told him he would be moving his apple again. He shouted "nooooooo" and ran away from me on the playground. After chasing him down we walked inside and went to move his apple down the behavior tree. He was not happy about this, so he began screaming and crying and spitting all over himself and the floor. I took him to a quite (and tiled) area of the class room where he continued for another 3 minutes. Finally he stopped and I brought him some paper-towel. He tore up the paper-towel and threw the pieces everywhere. Five minutes later I brought him some more paper-towel and told him that when he cleaned everything up and wiped his spit off his shirt and off the ground he could join the rest of us in centers. I left him alone and he cleaned everything up and was an angel the rest of the day. :) I want to make sure that my kiddos are independent thinkers and doers, and I think we made a smidgen of progress with this little cutie today.

The kids also played that game again that once a student brings up a topic (usually at random) the rest of the class wants to talk about it all day long. In morning meeting "Ms. Toll my puppy died" "Ms. Toll my puppy getted runed over!" "Ms. Toll my grandma died, she was old..." and it went on and on and on all day long, during the story about kindergarten, during lunch, during snack..... on and on!

Introduction to centers was crazy. We're going to be working on it. :) Exhausted, must prepare my macaroni and cheese and pizza rolls (nutritious??) and get some sleep, after I lesson plan of course.

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