Yesterday a cat magically appeared in our classroom after art. I was sad when the janitor had to take it back outside. It is the friendliest cat I have ever encountered, and it's a lil' baybee kitten with half a tail and white stripes on top of orange fur.

Today he came back! And was playing on the playground with the kids! I wish I could have a pet because I would have scooped him right up and taken him home with me. Luckily, I can rest easy knowing that Mrs. Campbell (the sweet Pre-School teacher) is taking him home. I'm so happy!

My kids are so awesome.

Yes they are.

They are.

They are.

They arrrrreee.

They are so pumped to do kindergarten work and beat the kindergartners at our school. Hee hee oh man, I wish my life consisted of me just wanting to beat a kindergartners.

Teaching is hard. There, I said it.

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