dragging feet.

Since my institute for TFA my immediate response to "how's TFA/ how's your job?" would be "intense, it's the most intense thing ever." And it was and still is "the most intense thing ever," but part of me felt like that was always something I had to say. The response that I needed to give because that was what other TFA peeps would say or that was what people would expect. In reality it was the most intense thing ever, but I knew it was what I needed to do and it was my job/life, so day-to-day I really didn't think much of it. Also, at that point I knew it was only going to be for a few weeks, the end was in sight.

Now things are more routine. Now when I answer the question I can't even find words to express how difficult it truly is. Not just "Teach for America" but rather every single thing. Living alone. District requirements. Student needs for 40 different dependent kids. State Pre-K requirements beyond what one might expect. School requirements. Parent requirements. Mentor program requirements. Classroom set-up requirements. IEP requirements. Day-C. PPVT. Personal needs. Extreme debt and living pay check to paycheck. Wal-Mart of Gallup (don't ever go there if you are already stressed out). Sleep. Food. Human interaction. Time. Family. Boyfriend. My list could go on forever. And the end seems so far out of reach. Even Wednesdays feel so far away from Fridays.

Stressful and demanding. Challenging.

But on a lighter note: I wish Us Weekly published a magazine for Pre-K at Rocky View Elementary school. The love triangles are out of control.

All last week there were several love triangles going on between Savannah and Adam and Shobi. Words were exchanged. Hearts were broken, It was out of control.

Today was Savannah's birthday. Shobi told me that he got her a card, I imagine this is to win her back since she has recently developed a love for Adam, and Adam has about 3 or 4 girlfriends already in the class. I will be sure to keep you eager blog readers in the loop as to what develops with this. Stay tuned.

Smile of the day: Donald was coloring his pizza math book singing these exact words "9111 shorty fire burning on the dance floor....9111 shorty fire burning on the dance floor....9111 shorty fire burning on the dance floor...." and on and on. =]

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