Valuable Time

Time is indeed valuable for my pre-kinders. 3 hours a day really sank in with me this weekend. I will have to use every second for learning and not let anytime go to waste.

I introduced this proposal to them on Monday, and they were (to my surprise) very excited to make sure that no time was wasted. So for the last two days we have wrapped up with student comments on how our day went and what may have happened to waste valuable learning time. Nico has had insightful comments to share both days...
Nico: "I get upset because some people don't clean up when the timer goes off. That just made me really sad (his tone was so meaningful and the feeling of disappointment in his classmates was easily detected)."
Me: "Is this because spending extra time cleaning up takes away from your learning time?"
Nico: "Yeah, I'm really sad about that...."
Nico: (Still clearly very upset) "People still don't clean up right away. I get so mad. I get so sad. It drives me nuts! And then the class gets a sad face. They waste my time. I put my books away today, but not everyone cleaned up."

I extremely admire Nico's desire to learn, and even though he may be also very guilty for contributing to wasting learning time at other points in the day, I at least know he is conscious of the concept and I think I will see a big improvement from him and the class in just a few short days. This makes me happy.

Some other interesting comments from Monday and Tuesday:

Isaiah to another classmate: "Don't do that! You're gonna make me turn into Spiderman!"

Nico: "I like you're pretty dress Ms. Toll!"

Adam: "The doctor took my laughing out (while pointing to his throat)." "No he didn't" I said. "Yes he did," he said, "that's why I can't laugh at movies."

Cierra: (This week we are reading a book called hands, I asked the students who they might think the hands pictured on the cover belonged to and this was her response) "Those are man hands 'cause they have hair!"

You know this really is the very best job.

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