My favorite line of the day:

As Kodi was walking out the door and down the hall he said to his mom: "I like Ms. Toll... she's cool."

My heart is still a puddle in my chest.

In circle time Nico was sucking his thumb and Payton told him "Don't suck your thumb Nico!" and Nico quickly responded "Hey don't be the boss of me!" ...it was funny for some reason.

One thing I have noticed the kids are REALLY good at: Fake phone calls on a toy phone. I mean it's simply amazing. They really sounds like someone is talking back to them on the other end. I just wonder what kind of stuff goes on in those little 4-year-old brains. One day we'll cut one open and find out.

As Julianna was eating her ham and cheese sandwich that she had packed for lunch (mom packs her lunch everyday since Julianna is really picky) I noticed she put her multi-colored My Little Pony fruit snacks inside her sandwich. Yeah, mom wasn't kidding, but that's just plain strange.

I found out that one of my students has lice. Yes lice. The one nasty thing I managed not to get while in elementary school myself. As soon as her mom told me, I couldn't walk fast enough to get into my classroom (out of mom's view) and drove my nails all over my scalp scratching relentlessly (yes, I just used TFA terminology to describe my paranoia of of lice). Her mom told me "you might want to take a look at the other girls hair." Right. Since that's totally what I'm getting paid to do, inspect for lice. Not to mention I'm totally trained in lice examination (it would have been nice to use a "sarcastic" font here). My job. Uh......

Scratch ya later.

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