Home Visits.

Friday my kids had their first day of class without me. I was informed that Nico was quite upset that I wasn't there. I was told that he removed himself from the carpet during circle time and all he would say was "I want Ms. Toll." Aw... they really DO love me.

I had the pleasure of visiting 6 of my students' homes today. It was very neat to see them interact at home.

Angel is much more well behaved in class, it was funny seeing him with no shoes on. I forget that my kids don't wear shoes 24/7, I guess it's just like when they forget I don't stay at the school 24/7. I also learned that Angel has a pretty big crush on on one of my assistants, so cute. Angel's mom also showed off his baby books, which I enjoyed looking at.

Madison, Kiera-Rae, and Danielle were being so shy. It's was super strange. Kids are funny. It was also funny seeing Madison in her nightgown.

Jonah waited outside for me to come all day (or so his mom said), and sure enough he was still out there waiting when I pulled up. He pulled out an encyclopedia from a bookshelf and started showing me "S" and "P." All the letters we have learned so far. What a cutie. Jonah's mom also told me that he came home and told her he was upset because I was not there on Friday. =)

Poor Kyli was sick and napping, so I didn't get to say "hi" to her, but it was very nice talking to her parents. I can see where she gets her manners from.

All of the parents were so nice and welcoming. I really enjoyed talking with them one-on-one outside of the classroom. It's a little strange to me because many of the parents I work with are my same age.

I will be conducting home visits about once a month and I'm looking forward to the other 32 trips I will be going on.

I have missed them so much, it has been 4 days since I last saw them.... I can't wait to see them tomorrow....

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