Week 5

Things seem easier. But the lifestyle is daunting. I don't like being alone. Making dinner for one. Seeing friends on the weekend only. Eating breakfast alone. Waking up and going to work when the sun hasn't even come out yet. Packing the same lame-0 lunch every single day. It is getting old, and it's only been a little over a month.I wonder how I will feel next week when I start teaching art after school for two hours.

I do enjoy the amount of free time I get to read though. And the rain... all the time.... rain....rain....rain... so pretty. A cat would make things a lot better that is for sure.

But again, I love my kids. They are my most favorite thing in the whole world and I am very certain that there is a reason why I am here. This pre-k stuff is kind of like my "calling." I still just kind of wish I knew what I was doing. And I wish I knew more about what was developmentally appropriate. Sometimes what I say is waaaaay over their head, or way too easy.

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