blurbs in type.

In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed. ~Sid Caesar

This blog will be random and have no theme. Blurbs in type. Well actually, I suppose that would be the theme "blurbs in type." That's bittersweet. In one sense I totally managed to theme this blog without even meaning too, kind of neat. In the other sense I can't seem to escape structure and organization, I'm a prisoner. Grr.

I have my good days and my bad days. Today was a pretty good day.

I forgot to consider yesterday that as things become more of a routine they do get easier. A semi-plus.

Seferino told me his name changed. When I asked "to what?" he replied "Underdog." Later, when we were discussing what sorts of things we can do because we are big kids he said "fly." I asked him "how?" and he said "because I'm Underdog, I just can." Whoops, I forgot he morphed into Underdog overnight without any physical signs of change at all.

After school abuse training made my stomach churn for a while.

Why do I become obsessed with songs and burn myself out on them to the point where I wont appreciate them for a good 5 years? With the exception of only 5 songs. Right now I'm on a play list repetition. I'm doomed to skip these songs when they show up on my iPod in shuffle mode sooner or later.

After "Countdown to Blastoff" Dominique turned to Izabell and said "Oh that was pretty fun!"

The kids get Pp. It's awesome! They know it so well and they just learned it yesterday, the little boogers really impress me.

I love my kids. I'll never be able to say that enough.


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